Friday, October 31, 2008

Visit from the Grammies!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were treated with a visit from my grandmother AND great-grandmother that live in California. They came for a week and we had a great time! Zane had quite a time getting spoiled by all the ladies! We even had a little early birthday celebration with them for Zane which included cake and gifts. Zane got his very own car (which he has always admired his friend, Maya's same red car!)!! And an awesome easel which Mamma is super excited about! I am looking forward to many outside painting moments!


Nana & Zane
Grammie and Zane

Zane visiting with his second-cousin, Joanna

Grammie & Jenna
"It's a new car!"
"I'm cute."

A little Van Gogh on Mimi's deck...


  1. i think zane looks SO much like monroe in the picture with the caption "i'm cute." ..... oh those holimon genes.

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Thanks for including us on your blog. We had such a great time visiting with all of you, especially Zane. Love, NANA xxoo