Friday, October 31, 2008

His Birthday with Mommy & Daddy

We had such a fun day last Wednesday when Paul took the day off! We took Zane to the Imaginarium and he had a blast!! Then we went out to lunch and came home and all three of us took naps!! Then we got up and had a wonderful meal with our friends, Beth, Brian & Dexter! What a perfect day!

Birthday Morning! He had a little present waiting for him in his bed! Paul and I woke up to the sound of ripping paper and when we went in he was already reading his new book!

A morning frittata made by his crazy weird Mama! (It was chilly that morning!)

He liked watching the spiney mice.

He touched a baby alligator!

AND he touched a roach!

Crazy wind tunnel!

Opened the present from Mama and Daddy... a bike seat for the front of Daddy's bike!

This thing is soooo cool. He loves it!

Happy Birthday!
Fun videos... Birthday Morning & Car Seat Chattering

Visit from the Grammies!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were treated with a visit from my grandmother AND great-grandmother that live in California. They came for a week and we had a great time! Zane had quite a time getting spoiled by all the ladies! We even had a little early birthday celebration with them for Zane which included cake and gifts. Zane got his very own car (which he has always admired his friend, Maya's same red car!)!! And an awesome easel which Mamma is super excited about! I am looking forward to many outside painting moments!


Nana & Zane
Grammie and Zane

Zane visiting with his second-cousin, Joanna

Grammie & Jenna
"It's a new car!"
"I'm cute."

A little Van Gogh on Mimi's deck...

Tennis with Papa

A couple of weeks ago we went to a function at Papa's club and Zane got to watch Papa play tennis. He knew where Papa was the WHOLE TIME! He also got to play around a little bit on the tennis court!

oh, it's canada for me

Wednesday, October 29, 2008






Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Eve of his Birth

I sit here on the eve of Zane's birth and I remember how excited we were! If I could go back and re-live this next 24hrs., 2 yrs. ago, I would in a heart beat. It truly was the happiest moments of our lives. I am amazed and proud to look back and realize just how happy and healthy I felt. Of course, comparing it to days I have now may not be fair, but all in all, it makes me appriciate (and unfortunatly, mourn) those beautiful days. I was telling the family tonight during dinner... "it is crazy to think, but I was large... very pregnant, in labor (and did I say large?)... and I felt a TON healthier and better than I do right now!"

Please savor your healthy days. Love the days of healthy, natural living.

We will have a fun day tomorrow for Zane's birthday. Daddy has taken the day off and we are going to have a fun family day out! Zane will wake tomorrow morning with a fun new book waiting for him in his crib followed by his Mommy and Daddy totally spoiling him ALL DAY!! What could be better???
(On our way out for a "get this labor movin'" walk around the neighborhood)
(Labor smoothie!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shake it girl!

My Mom has now started working on her very own trick horse! Maggie can shake now on command! She is so proud... both of them!

Halloween At the Zoo - Boo!

Paul and Zane went to the zoo on Saturday evening for a Halloween event. They were feeding all the animals pumpkins and such. They met up with Brian and Brianna and had a great Daddy time! I just can not get over though, how DARN CUTE his Halloween costume is! I just can not wait to share it!

He is a Junior Park Ranger thanks to his Aunt Maggie and Uncle Chris. They got his this vest for his last birthday and he has had very little moments to sport it! Well, here we go! It is perfect and he is just so adorable! He really enjoyed being all dressed up and Paul said that he was fine with it all the whole time!

Yes, Really...

Yes, really, this is the outfit that Paul came home from work and found me in on Thursday after my chemo. Absolutely crazy and not really all on purpose. I come home from chemo and I feel like crap. This didn't happen in the beginning, but it does now. I am all amped up on the steroids but my body is soooo tired. Then I get chilled and shaky so I ended up slowly, one piece at a time, bundling up! My head gets crazy cold so I even often wear a winter hat around the house. Also, note the new compression stockings! My feet get immediately achy, tender and very swollen. So much so that sometimes my toes do not touch the floor so this was a recommendation. Not at all sexy but did work a little bit. It helped take some of the swelling down. So I wear them a few hours a day now for a couple days after the chemo. They are SEXY let me tell you!!

So, yes, really, this is what I was wearing when Paul came home and then so politely asked me if he could take a picture. Sure! Why not! This craziness should be documented.

I even wore it to my Mom's house for dinner. Hat and all. She said it looked like I needed a hug.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

Zane went with me to my last doctor's appointment!
"Oh my, my head!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Car Seat Moments


The day before yesterday, Zane woke up from his nap and I got him some chocolate milk and made myself a great cup of coffee and we sat out in the florida room together. I realized how much I like that time of day especially in that room. The light coming in from the windows is so perfect at that time of day. I was admiring our new couch (THANK YOU Aunt Rae!) and how beautiful it is when the sunlight hits it the right way. It was really quiet except for the occasional cluck-cluck outside from the chickens. I also was admiring my beautiful son for also enjoying that moment of quiet. He loved just sitting on the couch next to me sipping (gulping!) his choc. milk and chatting with me about what he might have dreamed about during his nap. (He loves to tell me stories about flying and clouds and yellow peacocks! I love it!)

It was a nice time to sit.

Co-op Soup

Co-op soup is definitely on the menu often around here. With so little energy to cook, by the time I do feel up for cooking, I have a full frig of co-op goodies that all need to be used at once. Then I decide to turn it into a big yummy soup (which is my favorite food anyways!) and I always think it looks so beautiful!

Thank you!

A big thank you to all who came to the Lymphoma walk and also to those who donated. It was a great event and our team raised almost $2,000!! I am so proud!

Here are some pics from the event...