Friday, October 10, 2008

The Birth of Oliver Miles James - Part 2

SO, of course we had to go up the next weekend to meet the sweet babe! AND the week before the first visit I got the discouraging news that they were postponing my chemo for another week which was of course upsetting to me BUT what got to happen is that we got to GO that next weekend. Typically I would be in bed ALL the next weekend after my chemo treatment but because of the delay, I got to hold that sweet baby, watch a beautiful strong Mommy nurse two babies at the same time, watch a Dad learn how to manage the other side, and see a little girl try so hard to get used to sharing so much! I was so happy for them to choose the midwife and birth center route this time. They had such a hard time at their hospital birth last time (hospitals are just not the best set up for a beautiful, successful, natural birth, and I could talk on that one - and so could Sara for that matter!- for too too long!)

They were all so inspiring and I left with some new lessons learned and some hope for our little family.
A vision.

I wish we had more pics but you should go to visit their website at and check out more of the sweet arrival and some REALLY great ones of Oliver and Maya together.

Beautiful nursing Mommy

Attempting to eat his turkey sloppy joe with a fork.

Dish Time - check out that sweet apron!

Sweet smells. Ahhh!

Sweet looks. Ahhh!

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