Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just one of those things...

I really like this. I think it may someday in the future make its way into our kitchen.

So darn cute!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Zane told me a couple days ago after I told him a story that he wanted to tell me a story. He had to "set up" first. So he got his little chairs out and set them up next to each other and while he was busy doing that I secretly managed to set up the camara in a perfect spot (total luck!). Now you too can enjoy his storytelling...
(Please ignore my oh-so-hot pjs, sock and croc outfit I am sporting! You know you dig it!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Jazz & Shirley Temples

I love and have ALWAYS loved going to the Naples Beach Hotel Summer Jazz Concert Series. It is not always that the music in super great all the time but it is the place, the beautiful beach, a good reason to hang out with family and friends and have a drink... outside during the summer. It is hot. It is humid. But really down at the beach at that time of day... couldn't be better!

We went last night and the best part of the evening is that Zane had his first Shirley Temple!!! He doesn't even drink soda ever. Whenever he has tasted it he has immediately told us it is too "spicy." But last night... well, I think it had something to do with the 8 or so cherries floating on top, but he loved it!
Check out his bandaids!!! He is so into them right now that we have to buy them just about every week!
"Ahhh, a little spicy but it's good!"
I love this picture.

"You can't have a cherry!!"

And if he is anything like me... the obsession with maraschino cherries begins!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Facebook Interuption

So I have realized over the last year that Facebook has put a slight interruption into my blogging section of my life. It is sort of unfortunate because what Facebook has allowed me to do is very quickly post something that tickles me or makes me laugh. I can do it from wherever I am.

I am constantly sharing little tid-bit stories from my days with Zane (and sometimes other kids as well). They can be hilarious, amazing and awakening.

So, sometimes, I am trying to promise myself that I will also publish it here. Really, for all of you out there... you all read it on Facebook. BUT I am trying to turn every year of my blog into a keepsake book for our family and the stuff I write and post on Facebook will never be read by Zane himself unless I take the time to copy it here... on this blog.

So today has been a riot... I truly love this kid with everything that I've got.

Ok... so I just discovered that one can not copy and paste into Blogger. WHAT?? I am unhappy. This is more difficult than I thought. I have been thinking a lot lately about switching blog places. I may need a new home...
Zane told me today that it would be cool if I could get him a tree that is on wheels and would follow him around everywhere so that the sun would not be on his face and back. Groovy!!!

So Zane and I are hanging at the house and I have to get some work done so he gets busy in the bathroom (one of his now favorite places to play) concocting his "polish" (some sort of mixture of soap, toothpaste and water_ and polishes for a very long time anything he can get his hands on meticulously with a q-tip and cotton ball. This is a great little busy activity and gives me some time to work. I realize that I have not heard a sound for the last 15 minutes and went to check on him. The bathroom is all cleaned up with all of his items laid out to dry and he is safely tucked into bed with his Biddy Bear fast asleep. What did I do to deserve this beautiful little human in my life?


Maybe more to come... as time goes on.