Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Eve of his Birth

I sit here on the eve of Zane's birth and I remember how excited we were! If I could go back and re-live this next 24hrs., 2 yrs. ago, I would in a heart beat. It truly was the happiest moments of our lives. I am amazed and proud to look back and realize just how happy and healthy I felt. Of course, comparing it to days I have now may not be fair, but all in all, it makes me appriciate (and unfortunatly, mourn) those beautiful days. I was telling the family tonight during dinner... "it is crazy to think, but I was large... very pregnant, in labor (and did I say large?)... and I felt a TON healthier and better than I do right now!"

Please savor your healthy days. Love the days of healthy, natural living.

We will have a fun day tomorrow for Zane's birthday. Daddy has taken the day off and we are going to have a fun family day out! Zane will wake tomorrow morning with a fun new book waiting for him in his crib followed by his Mommy and Daddy totally spoiling him ALL DAY!! What could be better???
(On our way out for a "get this labor movin'" walk around the neighborhood)
(Labor smoothie!)


  1. And what a wonderful day it is!!! My 'other' son is now 2 it's just amazing. We'll be sure to party down with the big man this weekend. (and maybe even do a little extra spoiling today)
    We love you all!!

    ...and...I think this is the first preggo pic I've seen of you. You were not large...cute, but not large!

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    What a great moment in time to remember..the pictures say it all. Love, NANA xxoo