Saturday, April 03, 2010

Surprise!! HAPPY EASTER!!

Yes, it has been awhile. I will never catch up but one day soon I will make a good darn attempt. BUT I just was inspired by some of the beautiful spring Easter fun we have been having and wanted to share some pics of the cute one and our creations.

It all started a couple weeks ago when we decorated our Easter tree. It turned out so cute!! I have loved looking at it ever since we put it up!

I made a little bunny to go with the bigger one that I made last year. The little bunny though is now residing in Utah with Cousin Sam as Chief Helper to Sam at his animal hospital.

Today we decorated the eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide. First was the half dozen onion skin dyed set. They turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think that if I can get away with it... it will forever be the way we dye our eggs. It was so easy, simple and they are gorgeous!!!

Just look how COOL!!!

Then we did a half dozen with the crazy egg dye. They were ok. Not quite as cool though!!

Loving how one of them says "Zane" that we wrote with a "magic" crayon!!

Tonight we set out everything for the Easter Bunny. Our Easter table is stocked with a dozen beautifully colored eggs for him to hide along with a little snack for a busy bunny of water, baby carrots and arugula salad, and Zane dug through the frig for some extras and decided that the Easter Bunny also needs an apple and a lemon too (only the best for this bunny's little snack!).

So Happy Easter Eve everyone and enjoy the celebration of Spring!!!
We sure are having a fun time (but it may be interesting when the Easter Bunny has to chomp into that lemon later)!!!!