Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I AM so thankful. It seems crazy after all we have been through lately but we ARE thankful. Thankful for our family and friends who we would not be getting through this without.

Thankful, yes, for our health. Let's face it... I have two VERY healthy boyz that keep me company and although my health is not perfect... it is something to be thankful for. Thankful that I can get through this. Thankful that my body is holding up and fighting with all its might. I am so thankful that this is what I am fighting and not so many other horrible things...

We are gearing up for a relaxing day at Aunt Maggie & Uncle Chris's house who are so wonderfully hosting Thanksgiving this year. They are working so hard. Next year, I swear... we ARE going OUT TO A RESTAURANT and relaxing and not worrying about making ANYTHING. This... my Mom and I are PROMISING!!!

Paul and Zane are out on a long bike ride right now in hopes to tire the kiddo out for an early nap so we can skip ourselves over to the Thanksgiving table. Then we get to look around at all of our family and sigh because they are so special and we are SO lucky.

Happy Thanksgiving to all out there and don't work yourselves too hard.
Take a moment to appreciate all those around you.
Much love,
The Moonhils

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's SO Good!

The best mornings...
We had recorded Aimee Mann on Austin City Limits so we started the morning with some Aimee Mann jammin'! It was so cute how Zane wanted to lay down and slowly wake up while watching such a rockin' woman!

Then, Paul and I made pumpkin waffles and eggs. "Eggies" are Zane's very favorite but this morning he was especially excited and impressed with the meal...
(this is one of my very favorite videos now!)

Smashing Pumpkins

Kickin' It

had to wear my kickin' cowboy boots to my last FULL chemo treatment last Thurday.
they made me feel better. (for a little bit at least.)

Hang time with Dexter

We hung out with Dexter the other morning and had some potato head fun. They both posed with their creations. Notice that a sword is in Zane's potato. He ALWAYS had to put the sword in his ear. Even when I show him how his arm goes on the right way... his way IS the right way!

Then we chilled out with a little snack of satisfying puffs and some "bear tunes." You can see the tunes entertained them so sweetly!! They were so CUTE!!!

Zane's New Chickens

Zane got an awesome package from his Aunt Beth Ellen, Uncle Keith & Cousin Sam the other day. Beth Ellen knitted five chickens and they made a little chicken farm for him! And it came in the cutest box. Check it out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Happy Turtle

I returned from the hospital yesterday morning and Paul and I had the whole day and whole night to recover from sleep deprivation. As Paul and I were catching up on some rest, this was delivered! A cookie bouquet from Larry and Denise! (Larry, my wonderful boss who is TOO good to me and Denise, his wife, who works with my wonderful oncologist)

These are the HAPPIEST cookies I have ever seen. They make me laugh every time I glance at them. They are happy turtles!!! They are so beautifully decorated I just can't believe it! So fun!

Happy Turtles!!!

So, at 9am this morning (after I ate some healthy oatmeal for breakfast) I sat down for tea and cookies. Happy Turtle Cookies!! Thank you Denise and Larry!!!

Now, I can't wait for little Zane to come home and check these guys out. I think they are going to get a big "Wow!"

An Amazing Memory

Last night Zane saw that Paul and I brought home part of an organic watermelon from one of our favorite stores (especially mine), Food & Thought (had not been there in a while and found out they are expanding Jan 1!!). He LOVES watermelon so OF COURSE he asked for some. But not just some... a BIG piece! Which means he does not want me to cut it up into bit size pieces for him... he wants a SLICE of the thing. While I am cutting up a slice for him he is saying over and over, "towel, sit, on floor. towel, sit, on floor." And I realize that he is taking the kitchen towel and laying it carefully on the floor for him to sit on. Now, for the dedicated Holimon bloggers out there, you will remember a few months back where we did this with him with watermelon after his bath on his towel.

Paul and I are just amazed every single day by how much he remembers and takes in!

A Visit with Gramps and Aunt Lara

The two snoozers!

2 days & 2 nights

I spent 2 days and 2 nights in the hospital. Got out yesterday morning.
Never been so happy to be home.
I got bronchitis and my white cell count dropped too low.
I have never felt so sick before in my life.
The bronchitis for a normal person wouldn't be so bad but for someone on chemo... I guess it sucks!
I was checked in with a heart rate of 148! My discharge and "normal" heart rate now is 98. Still seems a little high to me but I am happy to be home.

Between my Mom and Paul... they never left my side. I love them so much.
Nona took good care of Zane. They played a bunch.

Zane now has a cough and a runny nose. Poor guy.

How Paul stays so healthy, I have no idea. Thank god.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A little kitchen remodeling...

Our tool man!

Enjoying time with Uncle Ben

Showing off his horsey skills...

Giving Maggie kisses...

Playing in the tee-pee...

Watching The Great Pumpkin Patch Charlie Brown snuggled up with Uncle Ben...

On Monday morning before Ben had to take off on his plane, we went to a yummy breakfast and then hung out on the beach playing until we had to leave to take him to the airport. After much work and play on Ben's part, he finally got Zane to stick his feet in the water! He LOVES to play in the sand but as for the water washing up on shore... it has always freaked him out a bit. Ben did some good work!

Taking a walk on the beach with Grandad. I LOVE this picture!

Grooming Maggie

Super Cool Birthday #2!!!

And we had all the little friends over for party #2!! It was so much fun! We had lots of pizza and everyone enjoyed some super cupcake decorating!

Chowin' on some pizza with Uncle Ben's help.
Super cuties eatin' pizza.
Sportin' his new cape made especially for our tool man by the lovely and talented Beth Housewert! He loves it so much he had to wear it to storytime and lunch out with Mommy the other day!
Double partiers! Mimi and Papa!!

The AWESOME Halloween cupcake tree made by Mimi! She made our favorite carrot cake into cupcakes and they were the YUMMIEST!!! Thank Mimi!!!!

Happy Birthday time...

He waited so patiently for everyone to sing ALL of Happy Birthday to him before he even went to blow out his candles! (I guess by this time he had some practice!) (Thanks, Papa for taken these pics!!)

He LOVES to blow out the candles!

Cupcake decorating!! I highly recommend it. They ALL had so much fun and it really was not as messy as you may imagine it to be! Especially with most of them being 2.5 and younger!

He got TOO MANY cool things and thanks to all! So much fun and useful stuff I just can not get over how perfect and wonderful and generous everyone is! Much love to all!!

A Bummer!

Sara, Sam, Maya & Oliver made the trip to Naples but unfortunately Sara got hit with the stomach flu as soon as they got here. It was so sad and a terrible trip for them but we still got to visit with them for a few hours until they had to hole up in a hotel room while Mama got through the yicky stuff. They missed the party and we missed them terribly!!

These kiddos can't be any cuter!!

Oliver in the pea pod!

Check out this up and coming harmonica player!

The First Happy Birthday!

On Saturday we had a party with family and a couple friends. Of course it was a party for Grandad too since the sweet duo share the same birthday!!

The Boston "Scream" Cake!

Opening his new favorite book from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Chris full of night animals and night sounds. He love it and can already match the colors to push the right sound button!!

Mimi & Papa got him a cool wooden train set...

AND Nona got him a really rockin' drum kit!!!

Gradeau graciously held his balloons for him while he rocked out!

A Super Surprise!!

On Halloween I got the BEST trick-or-treater come to our door!!! My brother, Ben, came to surprise me! It was a late bday gift for me which I never even realized that he didn't get me anything! My Mom, Grandad and Ben were so sneeky I had no idea at all!! I could not believe it! He arrived Friday night and stayed through Monday. He was here for both of Zane's parties and stayed with us. Zane just had the best time with his Uncle Ben and asked for him for 2 straight days after he left. It was magical to watch how enamored Zane was with Ben. I think they spent hours in the sand box together and Zane just couldn't have asked for any more fun in one weekend! Me either!!!!!!