Friday, December 28, 2007

Bath Time

Zane LOVES bath time. He just wants to stay in there and when you take him out finally, he throws a super fit with full-on tears!

(Can you tell we are loving this new video camera???? AND with all these new post in a row, can you tell the Zane has been taking a REALLY long nap??!!)

Click here for Bath Time Fun!

He got a few new bath toys for Christmas and he was testing them out. We have to say, though, that the yogurt cup is still a winner!

The Tee-Pee

For Christmas Zane got a Tee-Pee from his Aunt Rae and Uncle Bob! It is the most fun and cute gift EVER and Zane LOVES IT! He just can't get enough of it. He is now in it several times a day with his toys or stuffed animals.

Click here of a video of Zane in his tee-pee the day he got it over at Aunt Rae and Uncle Bob's house.

I will put up more pics of it soon. It is set up in our playroom and he is having so much fun with it! She made a mat for the bottom and a matching pillow and she set up a stuffed horse in it when she gave it to him! It was so perfect and cute we just can not get enough of it all!
Thank you Rae and Bob for all your thoughtful, hard work! You guys are the BEST! Zane loves you so much!

Zane hugging his horsey!

Since we had been all over and from house to house for the holidays, Zane was exhausted and had been hard to put down to sleep. I took the tee-pee in their office and it was great because it just gave him a small space to focus on and tuned it all out! He feel fast asleep and took a little snooze in his new tee-pee!

Playset Update...

We have had some major helpers in assembling this wonderful, fun structure in the back yard! Mom, Ben and Grandad worked on it all day long on Wednesday. It was a long day but lots got done. At this point, all that needs to be done is to do the landscaping with the mulching and framing in the area. It is going to look SOOOOOO nice when it is all done.

Take a look at some video...

Click here to see Ben's little helper on the ratcheting. He is so cute! He was concentrating so hard and was so proud of himself!

As all can see, the videos are a bit longer. We got an amazing gift from Uncle Ben and Aunt Rachael for Christmas. It is a Flip Video recorder! At their request, I am trying to put up longer video using this new awesome camera. I always felt that folks didn't want to see a long video and that it would be too boring. Well, some family members do disagree with me on this and are requesting more and longer video. I will do my best to serve... and to all those out there who do not want longer videos.... turn them off when you want to.

THANKS Ben and Rachael for our new toy!

Now, also, because of the longer video I have to upload them and share them using VideoEgg because Blogger just takes so long to upload a video and the longer they are the worse it gets. If anyone out there knows a better way for me to manage these, please share your knowledge. I am so open to trying out new ways to do this with all these videos!
The Project Managers...
The tool man...


These are some of my favs from that day... (I couldn't pick just one of them!)

He just wanted to be so involved and right in there with the big kids!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Once I get it, I got it. You know what I mean?"

Today is a big day at the Holimon house! Mimi, Uncle Ben and Grandad are assembling his brand new playset! This is Zane's BIG Christmas present from so many people! Many have pitched in to help fund this big project (Mimi & Papa, Uncle Ben & Aunt Rachael, Grandad, Nana, Jim & Grammie, Aunt Maggie & Uncle Chris, Gradeaux, Great Uncle Mark).

This is just the beginning of what seems like it will be a complicated and long project.

I will try to keep all posted on the progress.

Playset Video 1 - Intro

(Just click on the link above to see the video. Blogger just takes too darn long sometimes to upload these videos!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Little Dipper

Zane is really into dipping his cracker or chip lately. I would even say that "dip" is one of his first words. He says it rather clearly. Here he is really into some hummus which he eventually abandoned the cracker and ate it with his hand because he loved it so much. Today he was really into dipping into some guacamole. When you try and take it away, it turns into a little bit of an upset...

The many "dipper" faces...

It is Christmas time...

Our incredible friend, Sara, sent us a wonderful package last week. It contained three, beautiful, hand-knitted stockings. One for each of us; made with lotsa love. It was just the best package ever to open. We really felt so lucky to have such a beautiful and thoughtful friend.
They are hung and filled to the brim. Sara thought they were going to be too big. Well, not for us! They have goodies galore!

Zane trying to put one on his head.

He loved the bells on the one stocking.

Zane and Daddy watching Rudolph on TV. He actually watched for about 5 minutes (the longest he has ever watched TV) and then fell fast asleep! It was really sweet.

Zane got a singing/dancing snowman from Larry and Denise. He just thought it was the funniest thing that he could turn it on and off!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We just really appreciate the moments of sleep we get around here. For Paul and I lately this has been hard to come by, but we just savor the moments of quiet.

Man, those books must be boring, heh? Snore.

He doesn't sleep with us anymore but in those early morning hours it is nice to catch those last couple of hours of sleep together. Those morning hours will always be special...

My sleeping boyz... so sweet. These are the moments that I start to feel all sweet and fuzzy.

Just check out that face in this one. He wasn't appreciating the flash too much!

And Mommy gets some time to snooze too.

Playdate at the park

Tiffany & Brianna

Dex & Zane

Mindy and I decided to load up the tandem bike and the trailer to head to the park. It was a rocky ride but we made it!

Luci & Zane

Peace Out!

Hanging out at a Peace Festival with friends Mindy and Luci.

Holimon/Albury - Utah Bound

At the beginning of November we went to Sarasota for a sad and happy occasion... the goodbye party for Beth Ellen, Keith & Sam. They are moving to Utah and really excited about all that it has to offer for them. We are so sad to see them go.
The party was great and then the next day Paul helped them load up the moving truck while I hung out with Zane. The little guy was so good through the day just hangin' out in the yard and chatting with his Aunt Be.
Aunt Rae and the rocking horse.

Sam showing us how it is really supposed to be done.

Sam and his chickens...
Check out some REALLY fun chicken videos

The crazy mover.

Paul and I do love our siblings...

Going back and looking through a BUNCH of pics that I would like to post I came across some birthday photos that I think are special...

Zane got a beautiful card in the mail from his Uncle Ben and Aunt Rachael. It was beautifully decorated with colorful leaves that they picked up in their yard and waxed. They also included quite a stack of leaves for Zane to play with. Inside, the card read:

Why do leaves change color, you ask?

Leaves change color in the fall because the green chlorophyll, which is part of a trees food factorie, disappears for winter. As the green fades away, we begin to see yellow and orange colors that were covered up by the green chlorophyll. Bright reds and purples are caused by glucose, tree food, being trapped in the leaf.

As you eagerly make your first step toward walking, may your falls be graceful and soft. Like a leaf coming to rest on the earth by a gentle breeze.

We look forward to seeing you in the mountains on fall.

We love you, Rachael & Benjamin

Well, Zane may not totally understand how cool this card is, but we sure do! It was beautiful and we have a stack of wonderful leaves that we can pull out and let Zane play with once in a while!

You guys rock!

Aunt Lara came down from school in Gainesville to spend the weekend for Zane's birthday. It was such a good visit and Zane really likes hangin' with his Aunt Lala.

Paul and Lara set out to cut the pumpkins for the party decor...

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Long Awaited Birthday Party Photos!!

On October 27th we threw Zane a big birthday bash! He was such a lucky boy and had so many come visit him! We had chili and cornbread and pumpkin cake and cupcakes! (A must try cake recipe for the season. It was super delicious!)

Daddy as a super punk and our birthday candle!

Note the beautiful craftsmenship on Zane's costume! Mommy-Made of course! I took some of his cotton white pants he was about to outgrow (like all of his clothes!) and a white t-shirt and sewed on yellow diagonal stripes. Then I made a flame head piece that he actually wore for the whole party! That made this Momma SO happy and giddy!

Friends from Punta Gorda Aunt Sandy and Joe.

Erica, James and new baby Spencer.

Mindy & Luci, the ballerinas.

Grandad and the Birthday Candle.

Aunt Maggie reading the birthday boy a story.

Dexter, the pirate.

Happy Birthday little man!

Tired Party Boy

Mimi & Papa got Zane the "Learning Tower" for his birthday! This is so awesome! It allows him to get up to the counter with us and eat or help "cook." It also can turn into a puppet theater or a desk in a few years.