Friday, October 17, 2008


The day before yesterday, Zane woke up from his nap and I got him some chocolate milk and made myself a great cup of coffee and we sat out in the florida room together. I realized how much I like that time of day especially in that room. The light coming in from the windows is so perfect at that time of day. I was admiring our new couch (THANK YOU Aunt Rae!) and how beautiful it is when the sunlight hits it the right way. It was really quiet except for the occasional cluck-cluck outside from the chickens. I also was admiring my beautiful son for also enjoying that moment of quiet. He loved just sitting on the couch next to me sipping (gulping!) his choc. milk and chatting with me about what he might have dreamed about during his nap. (He loves to tell me stories about flying and clouds and yellow peacocks! I love it!)

It was a nice time to sit.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    These are the "special" moments that you will remember forever. One on one time. Nice! NANAxxoo