Friday, September 30, 2011

My Kindermusic Crew

Every Tuesday after school I pick up Zane along with a couple o his friends an we go to a Kindermusic class at the Philharmonic called Music for the Young Child for ages 5-7 years. It is part one of a four part series and it is so wonderful!!! We have had a hard time figuring out a goo way to get Zane involved with something musically. We did not really want him to necessarily "choose" an instrument at this age but wanted some exposure. I found his class available this semester and jumped on it!! It will teach him all sorts of music and theory but in a really fun and active environment. He has been having some fun Tuesdays and on this particular day Sierra got to come along and play with me while I waited for the class to end. The class is an hour and the first 45 minutes is on their own and then the last 15 is for "sharing" time. I myself have had some fun!!!

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