Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh... Just some more love for the big day!

So sweet that Valentine's Day!

We just got back from having dinner with Mom & Pete which was, like always, so nice. Zane had a fun day with Mimi and got a tool box for her house for Valentine's Day.

Paul woke up this morning with a gift from Zane waiting for him. Zane got Daddy a tee-ball set for the back yard. He opened it very early this morning before leaving for school so of course couldn't play with it. Then when he got home the little man was still with Mimi. So, after dinner (we got home at 8:30pm), Paul was still SO excited about playing tee-ball with Zane that he immediatly set it up in the house as SOON as we walked in the door

I on the other hand was presented with the SWEETEST Valentine's gift of all when Paul got home from work. It is a framed poem, or better put, a collection of haikus. Ten of them as a matter of fact. One for every Valentine's Day we have been together.

He wrote it throughout the week last week and went and got a beautiful frame for it. I thought I would share the haikus with all beause they are so fun. Some most will understand, but some most will not. That is ok though. You will probably enjoy anyways...

ten valentine haikus

the morning light seeks
refuge between your freckles
and waits there, and breathes.

tiny hands tugging
carrot-stained fabric - the boy
wants to kiss your lips!

my toenail scratches
your calf. a quick gasp of breath.
it's okay, you say.

the fax machine whirs
to life as the last warm breeze
dies in the backyard.

we can't see the moon.
the clouds hover patiently
like silent geckos.

lucinda williams
mourns her goddamn innocence.
we sway in the dim light.

almost there. dad sings
a hairband ballad. mom feeds
the babe from her breast.

stumbling to the crib
at three a.m. - you mumble
thank you. i'm humbled.

beets and rainbow chard
litter the cold garage floor -
neighborhood heroes!

i whisper softly
in your ear: library.
you roll your eyes and smile.

(paul moonhil)

I am sure I don't even have to express how moved I was. Now to find the perfect place to hang it...

Happy Valentine's Day (again) All!


As you all can see, I have managed to get that last post broken down into 4 different posts and as far as I can see... ALL the videos are working. WHEW! That was quite and adventure! I guess I tried to cram too much into one entry so in the future when things look so choppy, well that is why. Don't want to have to re-do so much EVER again!

And what a happy day it is!! I love the feeling of Valentine's Day! It is such a sweet day to tell all your friends and family how much you care about them. It is not just a day for "lovers" but a day for all the people you love. I remember quite a long time ago when I was in high school (well, not THAT long ago) when I was so amped up and worried about getting my boyfriend at the time something for Valentine's Day. I was so into it that I never got anything for my Mom and brother. My Mom FLIPPED out on me and was so upset that I just forgot my family on Valentine's Day! She was right to do so. It is such a cool time to honor your loved ones... that boyfriend is long gone but my Mom and little bro, well... are ALWAYS there. I love them so much.

So, to all of you out there... Happy Loving Day!

Zane got special deliveries already today from his Nona (a kissing bunny book with a sound built into the book of a kiss), a froggy Valentine from his Aunt Lala, and a puppy Valentine from his Gramps and Grandma. Zane left a Valentine gift for his Daddy this morning of a tee-ball stand for the back yard so that he can teach Zane how to hit the ball (Paul has been known to rig up one with a big stick of bamboo and a bucket of dirt for Zane to hit!). I know that Mimi said that she has something sweet waiting for the kiddo when she got him to her house (today... Thursdays are Zane's Mimi Day and Mommy's Work Day). Can't wait to hear later what kind of Valentine's Day Zane had hangin' with Mimi!
I am working quietly listening to WNCW in Boone, North Carolina (my favorite) and eating some Green & Black's Organic Chocolate while I get some work done (and blogging :). LOVE the Green & Black's chocolate... highly recommend these three flavors:
1.Espresso (oh so good!)
2. Mayan Gold (that is what I am snacking on right now. It is dark chocolate with orange and spices)
3. Ginger (dark chocolate with pieces of crystalized ginger!)

My famliy...
My Valentine Boys

Oh also, the spell check on the blogger for me does not work anymore (very frustrated, but hey, what can I do? It is free!) so excure the spelling errors. I just don't have the time to comb back through everything.

Lookin' back at the good times: Part 4

Dinner with great, new friends...

A yummy and wonderful dinner tonight with Tiffany, Brian and Brianna. Aren't they cute sitting on her couch eating cookies together?!?

AND, yes I did not forget about the talking part... He is so cute! He is now trying to imitate just about everything we say. His difinite words are DOG, SIT, & DADDY. Tonight while I was getting him ready for bed he was holding his stuffed monkey and pointed to his eyes and said "eye" which totally floored me. Then that was followed by him grabbing his shoes and going to the bed to sit down for me to put them on and saying "shoes." THEN he grabbed the ball that was behind him and looked right at me and said "ball!" It was just one thing after another! This is just the beginning and everyday we expect more to just roll out of that cute boy!
Zane has figured out how to play the symbols that Gramps and Grandma gave him for his birthday!

Lookin back at the good times: Part 3

Our friends Mindy & Luci brought over a kiddie pool for Zane. I took him out the other day and he seemed to enjoy the new toy!

Blowing Bubbles...

A beautiful Saturday with my favorite people...

We decided we needed to welcome the weekend with a fun and relaxing morning with a peaceful breakfast at First Watch followed by hanging out on the beach playing in the sand & surf. It was a beautiful morning. Exactly what we needed. Followed by a peaceful snooze for Zane.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lookin back at the good times: Part 2

Dinner Wed. night. Co-op inspired. Good for the body and soul.

Eggs in a Nest with Swiss Chard
one of our quick and yummy favorites.

A healthy, quiet dinner for three. Eggs in a Nest, Fingerling potatos with butter and salt, Balsamic Carrots, and Sweet Potatoe Corn Muffins. "This meal is brought to you by the Green Village Co-op."

Pitting cherries for Zane to devour and I was even able to enjoy some with yogurt!

A nice hot cup of tea while curled up on the couch with my honey and the babe all tucked in.

I finished making a re-usable Swifer cover and some dish sponges. They are a fantastic idea from our great friend Sara. They work REALLY well and you can just throw them in the washer and dryer! Great for the earth and great for us! In fact, Paul and I both agree that these sponges work better than the ones I was buying at the store. And really, let's be honest. Those sponges that sit by your sink just breed some heavy bacteria. These you can throw in the wash every couple of days. I definitly plan on making more soon so we have more in rotation.

Lookin' back at the good times: Part 1

(The beginning of the re-do! We will see how this goes. After consulting with my amigo we came up with the idea that I was trying to include too many videos in one blog entry. So, I am going to break this down and see if I can share all these fun movies because I know that is what folks are lovin'. I am trying so bear with me. They may not all get up tonight so I will try and finish in the morning.)


After a long and stressful week for various reasons, I wanted to sit back and look through some video and pics and enjoy and appriciate all of the good and fun things about my week.

We ate good and healthy meals which is always something that make me VERY happy and of course makes me feel good. Played with friends. Blew bubbles in our new pool. Cooked with my boy. Had a fantastic family day at breakfast and the beach. Finished fun household crochet projects. Had dinner with fun new friends. And Zane is TALKING!!

Nothing like a couple of CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY kids to make you smile!

Wed. Morning: Making Sweet Potato Corn Muffins

Zane really liked having his own cutting board and I gave him a little cheese spreader to cut up a banana. He was concentrating so hard!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spikey hair and fantastic shopping.

Zane out to eat... he decided the food was better off in his hair. I personally think it does look much better!

A couple weekends ago, Beth and I took a trip sans kiddos to the Ikea they just recently oped in Sunrise, FL. I was an Ikea virgin up until now. Boy was that place FUN!! I went to search for a comforter for Zane's bed and a little kid size table and chairs. I of course came back with so much more but found everything I was looking for. One day, the pics of the table and chairs will be posted but it needs to be stained or painted first.

Zane all cuddled up in his SUPER COMFY new comforter!!! It is SO cute and looks SO good in his room. He also likes to point to all the animals and wait for you to say what they are and he loves to make a monkey sound when he points to the monkey!

This is why we do it...

A few pictures as to why I still love doing the organic produce co-op with our friends...

Two weeks ago we got some snap peas and Zane loved it when I opened them up for him and he could eat the peas out of them.

Today we got blueberries which is a BIG favorite for both of the boys. I think they went through about 2 pints of blueberries in one day!
Oh the goods... butter lettuce, beets, turnips, carrots, fingerling potatoes, grape tomatoes, red navel oranges, fuji apples, and blueberries... YUM!
... and I just have to fire up the oven and bake all my big and beautiful beets! They were huge and the greens were beautiful and washed and wrapped up and put in the frig.
All cut up and in the frig for quick use for salads and anything else that crosses my path!