Monday, September 28, 2009

My First Hat!!!

I have knitted my first hat and really loved doing it. I got this pattern out of The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting. It was pretty easy and the yarn I was working with was a dream. The only problem is that really it is a pattern for and adult and it does fit me, but I think it looks a lot better on Zane. It seems to fit his head better. That worked out ok. He calls it his "snow hat!" He wears it around the house and loves it. I guess it is officially his now! Now on to find more patterns to try!

This Summer: Our Yard

(Check out our newest addition! A great canopy area to keep out of the sun and a great place to hang and knit, read or have a snack! Yes, even though we are in Florida in this hot hot summer, we still have to be outside. If all you do is run from the heat, you will just end up hating where you live which makes for an unhappy person. We got this so that we don't have to always feel like we are running from the heat and the sun in our own backyard. Nice!)


I finally found these!!!

Ok, so a little trip back in time...

These pics are part of our Boston/New Hampshire trip that when we got home and I started putting all of those photos together, I could not find the pics from our visit with Paul and Lauren adn their little guy, Paul Carter II!! BUT I found them!!! The boys had so much fun and I wish we had loads of time to go back and hang some more with them!

Hangin with Uncle Mike

"What is Paul talking about?"

"What in the world is he talking about?"

Uncle Mike and the boyz

They both got some work done on the ride back home!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paul's Brithday

Paul's birthday celebration was filled with chicken enchiladas, flan, air guitar, family, fun and love. Perfection.

I love this one...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rae-Rae's Birthday!!

Yeah! We went to Nona's tonight to celebrate Aunt Rae-Rae's birthday. We ate yummy-yums and shared lots of laughs...

But to back up a little bit... last Friday, Paul and I took Zane to his first high school football game at Paul's school. Zane was absolutely fascinated. We showed up right before half time started and so he got to watch both bands perform then he got an eyeful afterwards of football stuff.

Ok, so some great, cute shots of the football game. But... this is what ended up making the most of an impression on Zane...

... the Drum Major
and the...

... horn players that were right in front of the Drum Major.
(this is all leading to something, I promise!)

We really had no idea, until tonight...

We went over to Nona's, like I said, to celebrate Aunt Rae-Rae's birthday and then as we were all chatting after dinner and dessert, Zane ended up setting this up... He wanted the yellow napkin on his back as a cape and he set up the stools so that he had one and the "music person" had one. Then he wrapped Nona and Uncle Bob into creating that horn-like instrument out of the paper towel roll and a party hat elastic thing. Then this scene slowly emerged...

Secretly, I am incredibly thankful that we were not re-enacting football plays!!! :)
How cute is this!!!???!!! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back in May

... Maya turned 3! We went for a visit to see the James Family and had a blast. I have yet to post these pictures, but as we are eagerly getting ready for our next trip to see them this weekend (FINALLY!! I have been ready for this for quite some time!!! Can you tell I am excited??!!??), I wanted to post some pictures of our last trip! We always try and go for the birthdays. Doesn't always work out, but so far we do pretty well! (It helps that Sara & Sam's bday is just a day apart making it one super duper trip in Jan. after the holiday crazys!)

So, this trip, Oliver is TURNING 1!!! I just can not even believe it!

So this is a peak at them back in May. They all had such a good time!

Then, I hope to post the pics of this trip much sooner!