Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Painting on the porch (and Mommy knitting and having tea on the porch). It does not always last long, but it sure is nice while it lasts!

You know me and these feet! (For me, my very favorite if it is not obvious yet, are the sweet sleeping photos and the sweet little feet photos! Can't go wrong!)

On to his pastels.

New page...

This is Zane's desk. After finding his desk set up this way and taking this picture, I decided that I want to take more random shots of his desk often. Just to document it's ebbs and flows. This day, it caught my eye. I was just caught by how he laid out his colorful pics on his drawing pad and had to leave it there like that. (They are normally in that little basket. Well, I lie. Normally they are all over the house in every corner, in every room... ALL OVER. Then I pick them up and put them back in this basket! Ha!) Anyway, I have been loving checking out how he leaves his desk at different times and hope that I take more pictures of it along the way.

Bears, Oh My!

We went to the Naples Zoo awhile ago to see the new bear exhibit and of course we had to take Biddy the Bear with us to see his friends!

He loved watching one of the bears taking a dip in the pool!

A little snack/lunch break. This boy LOVES his black olives!

Zane setting up a picnic for his peeps!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pete's Jackson Tribute Show

4th of July

I have been late posting this one (and hopefully many more to come... late ones that is!) but on the 4th of July this year, Paul, Zane, Papa and I went to our VERY favorite hangout in all of Naples... The Quality Inn right here in Golden Gate City. All weekend long they have the best atmpsphere and the BEST karaoke in town. If anyone out there is in to people watching... no better place in the world (that I have found!).

So Paul and Pete are into singing karaoke which makes it all so much fun of course. First Zane and Papa both won some Bud hats. They are so darn cute together!

Then Papa sang "Stuck in the Middle" while the WHOLE TIME holding Zane on his shoulders. The best part... he stayed on his shoulders the whole song and, oh yeah... I have it on video!!

Zane's New Piggy Sounds

I love love love his new piggy sounds!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jammin' at the house last night

It was just too cute last night. Papa jammed on the keyboard with Zane and he was lovin' it!
They are sort of long but they are certainly fun. Enjoy as you wish!
Mom, you are going to LOVE these!

Zane and his Crew... He loves them so (and they ADORE him!!!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Cozy Keatons

Oh! Also, hop on over to "The Cozy Keatons" for another look at the trip through Rachael's camara. I promise... hers is much quicker!

The Cozy Keatons: The Moonhils come to New Hampshire

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So finally I have published the photos from our big trip! Took awhile to organize and do it all but I am so glad that I did! Enjoy and remember to scroll all the way down to start at the beginning of the trip and work your way up the blog.

Love to all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Hampshire: The Conclusion

Playing Bocce with Uncle Ben

Sweet girl.


Ben had the job of removing two trees from the property where they rent. He recruited Paul to help and of course, Zane, from far away. We were the selected observers. Hopefully one day soon I will upload the video of the falling tree. I know that Ben will want me to.

I think the rest of the day and the next, Zane had to wear the earmuffs ALL THE TIME. We actually had to start talking really loud for him to hear us.

Havin' fun on the playground.

More tether ball hotness!

Swimming near their house.

Paul and Rachael swam home.

Hangin' in a fort with his Uncle Ben.

It was sad to come home.

New Hampshire: Could it be "Camp"??

Welcome to camp!!!

About 20 minutes from Ben and Rachael's house is Rachael's Grampie's camp. The family has been gathering there for quite some time. So, of course they had to show it off to us and take us there for a night. It was a blast. We sailed, canoed, played, ate lots, had a big beautiful camp fire but the most fun was finally meeting Rachael's family!

The Dunton Girls.

Zane fishin' some more.

Ben just sails the whole time he is at camp unless he is eating or cooking.
We had such a wonderful time taking turns sailing with him!

Grampie has lots of fun tools.

Now, my favorite picture of Rachael.

Ben checkin' the weather and cookin' it up!


Rachael's gettin' us ready for the feast!

Zane and I are finding our spot!


Zane LOVED eating clams! How weird, right? But he chowed down on about 6 whole clams!!! He is still talking about them!

Ok, so Zane will often find the young cute girl in the room and stick to her and want to know everything about her. Well, wonderful Olivia, Rachaels' sister, was his choice on this trip. He lOVED Olivia!

The camp potty.

Next course... fresh lobsters!

Aunt Rachael ROCKS!!

Smell those lobsters!

The boy loves corn on the cob!

Tim, Rachael's Dad, the best fire tender around.

Jacob & Olivia

Zane loved hanging by the fire but he really loved hiking in the woods at night. Yes, that is right. BUT, check out his required gear. He wore Ben's headlamp the whole time we were at camp. So, he had a good time taking turns taking us all on little hikes in the woods behind the house.

Until next time...