Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, Tiger!

"Tiger Claws"

"Dancing Tiger"

"More Dancing Tiger"

"Running Tiger"

And a look back... cause it is so much fun!
Our "Birthday Candle" (First Birthday/First Halloween)

The Forest Ranger

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinner Conversation

Mommy: "Zane, please stop hanging on the side of the table. It could all fall over on you and hurt you."

Zane: "Oh. And I could crack my head right open."

Mommy: "Yes, well, it could do that. It just might really hurt."

Zane: "I could crack my head right open. I could fall and go boom! and my head could go right open! Just like an egg! We first tap an egg on the side. Then we slowly open it up and the egg falls out!"

Daddy: "What would come out of your head if it split open? What do you have inside your head?"

Zane: "Um, SONGS!!!"

Daddy: (laughing) "So, if your head split open, songs would just come right out of your head?!?"

Zane: "Uh Huh!"

Daddy: "What is the first song that would come out of your head?"

Zane: "The Bare Necessities!"

Daddy: "That is a great song! That would be sad if you lost that out of your head!"

Zane" "Yes it would!"

I love 3 year old and Daddy conversations!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Awaiting Little Sierra

We have cute little Brianna for the night because we are patiently (sort of!) awaiting the arrival of her little sister, Sierra. We had a blast tonight and I wanted to share some of the Lil'Drum Circle we shared tonight and some so CUTE playtime with Bri & Zane (they had no idea that we were listening... they are so darn cute together!). Check out how awesome they play! They are EXACTLY 1 month apart in age and they were so cute tonight! All by themselves they decided to hide under the chess table and play like there was a monster "out there"! Full with flashlights and newly died playsilks! Also, take note of how funny it is when they are saying to one another "Holy Moly". I heard one of them say "my Mom says that!" then the other said "no, MY Mom says that!".

Yes, we both say that! Hee!!!

(Note: Jim: Note how well your chess table held up to some really hilarious head butts!!!!)))

So sweet! Wanted to watch Brianna and his Daddy play drums together!

Look at this face... I think this is the first official "rolling the eyes at the camara and Momma!". Oh my god!!!

Check out the jammin' with the eyes closed!

The Maestro!
Then off to some play time before bed!
Check out the next video. Watch for some crazy head bangin' on the table! Good stuff before bed I tell ya!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag!

The other day I came home from a morning out a bit manic. I had to make this bag. It was in my head and it needed to get out AND if the project was successful, it needed to be hanging on my shoulder. I am a bit crazy for bags. If you know me... you know this. I love bags. That does not mean that I know all sorts of designer bags and such (although I am a huge fan of most Fossil bags) but I just like to have new bags several times a year and they also have to meet certain criteria... especially after the addition of a kiddo to my life.

So, this is great. All of the sudden I am inspired to make some of my own. Well, at least this one so far. Now, all of you out there who can sew will notice my beginner bag flaws. I am working out the kinks. One would probably ask, well why don't you just follow a pattern for a bag and learn. Well, it doesn't always work like that for me. Like I said, I came home manic and it was all processed in my mind and I had to get it out. No time for consulting the internet or a pattern along the way. Now that I have made this one I plan of consulting with some other sewers (Beth Housewert.. you have to take a look and help me) for the next one. The visible seam on the inside is not going to happen next time. I just can not process all of that for now.

BUT I love it. It is an awesome size and it is light weight. Also, I didn't buy a single thing to make this. It all came out of my existing stash which was another one of my goals for this bag. It worked out!

Monday, October 05, 2009

October is Here

Yeah! I love this time of year! It probably helps quite a bit that Z-Man's birthday is this month!
It helps make it an exciting start to the holiday season!

I already had Brianna and Zane sticking cloves into oranges today!

A little preview of our little tiger! His costume is coming together nicely!

He had to go find his stuffed tiger and he called it his baby. Then we set up his "den" (the tee-pee) and made beds for him and his baby tiger. So darn sweet!

(Not sure why these photos insist on posting sideways.)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Zane and his Pumpkato

Tonight, Zane got sick and tired of waiting for me to finish making dinner and he made his own! I was working hard on dinner and Paul was doing something else and the next thing we know, we turn around and Zane has his step-stool brought up to the counter and he grabbed one of his little pumpkins and grabbed one of our tomatoes off the counter and stuck that tomato right onto the stem of that pumpkin and just started chowing away! He was so into it and so loving that dang tomato that I just could not resist the opportunity of making some memories!!!

Sleeping with the Horses

Naptime today...

Me and two toddlers at Home Depot!

This Saturday morning I decided to take two adorable toddlers to build a firehouse piggy bank at the workshop that Home Depot has for kids every first Saturday of the month.

I picked Brianna up to give her parents some time to clean ... (they are both in super nesting mode since their second, Sierra, will be arriving by Oct. 12th! I really can not wait and have now set my cell phone ringer to loud and also have my phone on vibrate whenever I am someplace that my phone can not ring! Really, I never do that. I always put my phone on silent because really... I can always call anyone back! BUT not now... always on some "reach me now!" setting!)
Anyways, they needed to clean the house for the fourtieth time and I needed to get the kids busy! So I took them to the Home Depot workshop and we built firehouse piggy banks! AND I must say the I am SO PROUD of myself for being able to entertain 2 toddlers while reading the crazy directions and assembling two of these damn things all at the same time!

Then they had a real fire truck to check out and fire-people shooting the giant firehose. Brianna actually got into the hose bit and loved it!

They are so darn cute!