Monday, May 03, 2010

Dolphin Shows

The scene in our car on a typical trip to Clearwater to visit the James Family.
He only gets to use the DVD player on long trips and airplane rides so he just totally loves it when we get in the car for a long ride!! Tee hee!!! And look at Dylan so cute in the back seat! I can't actually believe she looks sort of calm. She is normally very "green in the face" when we travel. By the way... have I told you lately how much I LOVE my mini-van!

Now when we go to see the James Family their is a rescue aquarium very near their house that we go to for a look around and a quick dolphin show. Maya and Zane are all about it and make it really fun! (
So here is pics from our trip that we took back in September for Oliver's birthday.

Waiting for the dolphin show.

Cute play time.

Dress up.


Here are pics from our visit back in January for Sara and Sam's birthday!
You will notice in these dolphin show pictures that Zane is wearing an unusual pink shirt. Yes, Maya decided that she was going to get Zane dressed that day. Then Zane insisted that he did not need to be changed for the show. What can you do but take your cute boy out in a pink shirt! Whatever!! It was awesome!

Watch this boy! He is so happy to be there!
Then when we got home Maya decided that Zane needed matching pink cordoroys and cowGIRL boots! Of course!!

Jasimin & yarn.

Spivey & Jazmin: "When she is not lookin' it is ALL ours!! Is she lookin'? Is she lookin'?"

Our Garden: 2010

TONS of kale!! Paul washed and dried out a load of kale one day so I could make a mother-load batch of kale chips!!

PLUS TONS of grape tomatoes that I have yet to take a picture of because we eat them too fast!!!

We LOVE Zane's School!

Parent Coffee Hour (They have this for an hour one Friday morning a month.)

Mrs. Arloro (Director)

So happy to have Mommy there!

His "works".

Mrs. Redd (His main teacher. She is AWESOME!!! She has the calmest presence I have ever experience in ANY type of classroom!)

The older class (his school goes up to 7th grade) put on a Renaissance Festival for the school. It was done so well and it was so cute! They really put their all into everything they do there and we are just in love! Even all of their food is cooked fresh in their kitchen by a full-time cook and I have eaten there many times now and I wish that I could have lunch there every single day!