Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My girlfriend, Maya

This is my girlfriend, Maya. She lives in Clearwater, FL with her daddy, Sam (in the picture) and her mommy, Sara. They are super cool friends of my parents and I can't wait to meet them and do fun things with them. Her daddy doesn't like it much when I call her my girlfriend but I think that once he meets me he will feel differently.

My cousin, Samuel

Check out this guy! He is my cousin, Samuel, and I just can not wait to meet him! He will be able to teach me so many cool things like how to keep the house up all night long (what a party!) and how to feed all the gross food mommy and daddy give me to the dog.

9 weeks

This is me when I was only 9 weeks! This is still my mommy's favorite picture of me. I am so small!