Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kitty Wrestling & Yummy goodies...

I have been wanting to get a couple of our Zane and Spivey videos loaded so finally it has happened! Zane has lots of fun lovin' on his favorite kitty, Spivey. She, for the most part, tolerates it. She will sometimes get fed up with him and give him a little warning "nip." She sure does put up with a lot though...

... I wanted to add one more but I am having a hard time uploading that one... I will try again later.

And we got our yummy produce in for week 2 of the co-op. It has gone so well and is so much fun! We both just feel like we are doing something good by the end of our Tuesday when we know that not only is our homes stocked up with great organic fruits and veggies but so are so many others! We had 21 other people get a bag this Tuesday! We got apples, plums, nectarines, cantaloupe, strawberries, rainbow chard, romaine lettuce, celery, crimini mushrooms, and potatoes!! Tonight I made some soup with the chard and dessert with apples and strawberries! We just scooped out all the chunks from the soup for Zane to eat so he chowed on some chard, navy beans, kidney beans and carrots.
More terrific photos at our friends site... In the Key of Life. Beautiful pictures of the Rainbow Chard!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We miss our Chloe!

We had a very sad evening yesterday... we had to put our sweet Chloe to "sleep." She had been sick for a couple of days. She was just not herself. She was tired and not very social. We took her to the vet yesterday afternoon and found out her kidneys were failing. We couldn't do too much except put her through weeks of therapy with no really good outcome for her.

This house misses her so...
Our sweet Foot Fetish Princess, Our Chlo-Bear...
Jazmin will miss her so much! The two of them were such little lovers, always snugglin' and lovin'!

... and she just loved to sleep with her Daddy! When Paul went to bed, Chloe went to bed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 1 of the Co-op Adventure!!

... AND IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!
So, we had such and exciting day today that I had to write about it right away! I, along with my friend, Beth, have started an organic produce co-op! We have been putting the plans together for a couple of weeks and today was the day for the big order to arrive and all the participants to come get their produce.

The way it works is we collect $25 from anyone who wants to participate and then come Monday morning we put in our order with Albert's Organics. Then, Tuesday comes and we get the delivery of produce. We then, with the little boys in tow (she has little Dexter who is 15 months), divide all the produce up into bags (soon to be bins). Then everyone comes to pick up their goodies. It is a way for everyone to be able to get organic produce at a very low cost to their families. Everyone gets the same bag with basically the same amount of produce in it.

We will now be doing this every week right out of our very own garage. It will be so great to have Zane grow up around this all the time and to become such a helper. As Beth puts it... "they can put their sorting hats on." (A little Harry Potter for some of you out there. How 'bout that new book, heh? Please don't say anything though because I am only about a third of the way through but it is SOOOO exciting and GOOOOOD!)

Our little helpers getting right to work.


As soon as we got ourselves set up, both of the kids went straight for the flat of apricots and pluots! They both were eating them and loving it! Beth and I were on major pit patrol!

Lovin' it!

Sharing is fun!

He ended up eating about 1 and a half of these apricots! He loved just digging in to them!

The overflowing bags of healthy goodness!

Look at all we got! Broccoli, spinach, butter lettuce, carrots, tomato, banana, apricots, apples, strawberries and pluots, oh my! Already tonight we had a spinach quiche and a butter lettuce/tomato/strawberry salad and I made Paul a spinach/strawberry/tomato/apple salad to take to school tomorrow!
I really encourage all of you out there to track down someone doing this in your area. It is really worth it! It is fun keepin' the family healthy!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The cutest guys around...

"What ARE you reading!!!"

I found Zane taking books off the book shelf the other day and take a look at his reading choices!! Even BOTH of the books! Maybe a little too advanced for this kid!!??!! It was just the funniest thing!

Sweet Potato Fries are GOOD!

"Have you ever stuck your finger in your mouth like this? Pretty cool, heh?"


Dinosaur Playground

Well, with it so hot and steamy here we just can't get outside much so we have been on the hunt for all fun things inside. Last week Mimi and I took Zane to a place called Dinosaur Playground. Check out Zane having a great time playing in all the soft tunnels and checking out new toys!

(Much to our dismay, his favorite toy became this plastic, ugly walkie talkie!)

Sweet snoozes with Great-Aunt Rae

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun in the sun with good friends

Upon our return from the mountains we immediately got a call from Beth & Dexter with an invitation to go hang at the beach. For the Moms this took a lot of convincing ourselves that we needed to get out to the beach but maybe it won't be so bad if we get there by 8:30am. Well... it wasn't so bad! We had a good time and the sun was not too treacherous (the nice shade hut we scored helped big time)! This was Zane's first time really playing on the beach and he had a great time. He loved just crawling around in the sand and finding little treasures.
(Also, check out his new swim shirt that Great-Nana and Great Grandpa Jim sent us. It is great! It has UV protection! Since this family is so darn fair we have decided that we are going to get Zane used to wearing a swim shirt all the time when at the beach or pool. It helps us out with sun worries and keeps his skin like a baby's, just like it should be!)

"What did you find, Dude?"

"Hey, Man!"

"Surfs up! Well, not really."

"Look! My reflection looks like an alien!"

North Carolina: Sapphire

Mountain Road Naps

After such a great visit with Ben and Rachael we headed to Sapphire to hang with Zane's Gramps and Grandma Beth. We took a beautiful hike to a wonderful waterfall with Gramps and went to a really cool playground where Zane of course got to swing but also crawled through some tubes. We also played some more bocce! We just love that stuff!

The bocce court was right next to the croquet field so Zane had fun crawling around the croquet field.

Gramps is so fun!

Paul and I took a short kayak ride on the lake behind their house while Zane hung out and had some Gramps and Grandma time. It was a very relaxing way to end the trip!