Friday, December 01, 2006

Naples Birth Center

You can go check out the Naples Birth Center website at
If you click on 'new arrivals' and then click on Zane's birthday (Oct. 29th) you can see some pictures of us! He was born in the 'Garden View Suite' in the tub you see in the picture.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What a cute snoozer!

Me and my Mimi

My favorite places to snooze

My Nona...

My Nona came to stay with us for a couple of days during my second week. She read me bedtime stories!

Finally - we meet!

This is me with my girlfriend, Maya. She is so cool! She is a little older, but I will catch up!

Two hot breastfeeding Mamas!

What Pampering!

Daddy giving me my sponge bath.

Yeah - that's nice!

From one Benjamin to another

This is the cool Ficus benjamina Bonsai my Uncle Benjamin & Aunt Rachael sent to me. My daddy put a shelf on our fence for it and wanted to teach me all about a hammer and a nail. So, that's me in my pram hangin' out with my Daddy helping him put up the shelf.

Waz up?

This is a mighty cool hat my Auntie Meg knitted for me.



I didn't like taking my first bath very much but it was sure nice getting all snuggly with Daddy after!

Me and my Papa Pete

Snoozin' with my Daddy

During my first week home, we all took lots of nice naps together.

My Gradeaux!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Zane & Puppy-Sister Dylan

I got to meet my crazy Puppy-Sister Dylan as soon as I got home. She is so nice. She gives me kisses on the top of my head!

We're Home!!

Cruzin' Home

One of the many benefits of giving birth at a Birth Center is that you get to go home and sleep in your own bed that day! So cool - no hospital beds!

Two snoozin' boyz

The whole family worked so hard. We were all so tired.
So, Daddy and I took a nap while Mommy took a hot bath.

Uncle Chris & Aunt Margaret

So many sweet faces to meet!

Nona & Great Aunt Rae

I meet my Nona & Great Aunt Rae for the first time!

Mimi & Papa

I meet my Mimi & Papa for the first time!

We are finally all together!

My Happy Daddy!

Hello Mommy!

Benjamin Zane arrived in this world at 10:44am on October 29th with his eyes wide open and checkin' us out. He was 8lbs. - 14oz and 22 inches long!! What a big little man!! We had a natural beautiful and successful water birth and daddy even got to be the catcher!

Mercedes - The Best Doula Ever!!

We arrived at The Birth Center at about 3:30 am with our doula, Mercedes. We just could not have had the birth we wanted without her help. Mercedes is a rockin' doula!!!

It's Go Time!!!

Taking a walk at the beginning of labor (yes, we had to stop and do some breathing a couple times along the way!).

Watermelon Belly!

39 weeks

38 Weeks

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lillian Frances Just

This is my other girlfriend, Lilly (I already have lots of girlfriends!). She lives in Fort Myers with her Mommy, Meg and Daddy, Brian. They are crazy fun!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lillian Eve

This is Lillian Eve born on September 19th. She is the new beauty in the life of Ben Morris who is a super good friend of mommy and daddy's. Her daddy even made that blanket for her... it is so pretty! What a cool daddy!!

The Russell Cuties

This is Paul Carter who was born on September 20th. His parents, Paul and Lauren, are real crazy friends of my parents. One day, Paul Carter and I will tear up the streets of Boston together!