Monday, April 30, 2007

Drum Baby Drum!

"How exactly do I get this thing to work?"

Congrats Nathan & Torie!

This weekend we went to a beautiful wedding on Sanibel Island. Some friends of our, now Torie & Nathan Shaker, said their vows on the beautiful beach and following we dined in a beautiful tent just steps away from the sand. The sunset couldn't have been any more beautiful and Zane was a cheery, terrific kid. We got to catch up with some friends and even ate a salad with beautiful bright pink hibiscus in it - yum!

Zane & Magda

Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 29th, 2007

Zane is 6 months today!!!

We just can not believe it!

He is just so much fun we just can't get over it!

Best Buds...

Zane & Dylan are too cute together. I just could not decide which of these pics were better so I had to put all three. Zane is so into everything Dylan is doing and Dylan is very sweet on Zane. Whenever Zane is on the floor playing Dylan has to sit right by him and give him as many kisses as she can.

Hangin' in the yard

We have been doing lots of yard work and Zane has sometimes been patient with us and hangs in the Pack N Play and admires the trees.

What have we been up to, you ask???

The Naples Zoo with Meg & Frankie...

Grandad just got a new house with a pool so we took Zane swimming for the first time...

The Naples Botanical Garden with Mindy & Luci (the butterfly house was amazing!)...

Earth Day celebration at the Naples Concervancy were we bought some native plants for the yard...

Gettin' some yummy banana from Mimi...

It all started with a couple organic sweet potatos...

A couple weeks ago we gave Zane his first food! We wanted to really wait till he was 6 months but we gave in 2 weeks early because he was so interested. It certainly isn't like he needs it, that's for sure! He thought it was a fun new game and seemed to enjoy it but all in all he still isn't really into the food itself. Most of it just comes right back out. We are working on it though. So far his menu consists of sweet potatoes, bananas and rice cereal. If anything it is a fun thing to do every afternoon...

Friday, April 27, 2007

More fun with the James crew...

Sara, Sam & Maya came to visit...

...and of course we took them to our new fun place to hang out!

Like my Egg Head?

My Easter egg head is quite the cutie!

This thing is fun!

A couple weeks ago I was washing a couple sippy cups to store away for when we were ready for them and out of curiosity I gave it to Zane to see what he would do with it. Well, he grabbed the cup by both of the handles and proceeded to put the spout in his mouth and suck! Here I just thought he would play with it and throw it on the floor! So, I put some water in it and he drank and played with it happily for quite some time. Now once a day we have a little water out of a sippy cup! He loves it! It is great because my ultimate goal with him is to just go right from breast to sippy cup and skip the bottle all together. It looks as though this may be accomplished after all!

The two most beautiful things in my life...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to the world little Nola Camile Frazier!

Our friends Jen & Stevie just welcomed a little bundle into the world on April 10th. Little Miss Nola Camile Frazier was born 6lbs 2.5oz. Welcome to the world little one. We are so glad you've come!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

and we just had to go to the park today for some more fun on the swings!

Swing time at the Mina-Ranch!

We went over to Mimi & Papa's last night for swingin' from trees and dinner. He just loved it!
Good stuff Mimi & Papa!!!!
Tummy time with Papa!
Zane got his first Easter basket from Mimi & Papa and it was just the coolest one I have ever seen! The basket was a SWING! The swing is to hang at their house and it was full of soft bunny books and chocolate for the Mom and Dad, of course. I guess this will be the last time the candy will be for us, right?

Zane's First Easter...

For Zane's first Easter we went over to Aunt Margaret & Uncle Chris's house for a beautiful brunch. The table was set for royalty and the spread was delicious!

...and our little Mozart. Well, he IS our everything!

Our little jester boy