Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snug as a kitten in a drawer

My Mom sends me these great photos while Zane is hanging out at her house right from her phone to my email. It is great because I have been able to just post them right away. This is the latest from today. She has a day bed with a pull out bed underneath. Today, Zane decided he was going to sleep there and put himself to sleep with milk and a book. It looks like he is sleeping in a drawer and it is so cute!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's still rockin' roll to me

Well, of course if you are having to get your hair shaved off, you must take a "mohawk-moment." I just felt that was the way it had to happen.

Yes, I know it is weird probably to some of you out there that I actually went to a salon to get my head shaved. Well, you know, I figured that you just have to pamper yourself in times like these. I could have sat in my bathroom or in my garage with a dirty towel wrapped around me and wondered if it was done right but I thought this was more fun for all of us. Plus, Frank, our guy at Salon Bamboo, has been doing my hair since this chemo started. So, I thought it only right for that to continue.

I had quite a support crew with me and Zane got to watch the whole thing. Frank even tried to get Zane to help with the clippers but he wouldn't even touch them. He just sat quietly in Mimi's lap and watch closely to the whole thing. (He was probably learning. I will wake up one day in a couple years and he will have shaved off all his hair!) It was funny though this morning because when I walked into his room, the first thing he pointed to was my head!




The Support Team with the punk-rock-cancer-kicker-asser!


And covered up so that I don't freak too many people out.

So I had my first hairless day today and quite frankly, I don't want to cover it up. It is uncomfortable, hot and a little bit of a pain in the ass but I know that having this baldy woman talking to some people may be distracting. Maybe I will care less in a couple of days.

Oh! And the funniest part to me... I brought up to Frank, my wonderful hair dude... "well, what do you wash a bald head with? What kind of soap?" (Come on, really, have you ever thought about it? I was thinking to myself that I would probably use my face soap because you would want to use body soap because it would be too harsh... I do have super sensitive skin) You know what he said???? SHAMPOO! He said to keep using my shampoo AND CONDITIONER because you do still have hair follicles and that is what you are taking care of. Well, I guess he is right! So, this morning I had a LOVELY shower shampooing and conditioning my BALD head! How long should I leave the conditioner in?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Balding Lovers

Of course I will put some others up later but I am tired and REALLY need to shower off all these little hairs that are driving me MAD but this is a pic taken from my mom's iphone at the salon. I have to say, I am not minding it as much as I thought I would. We will see in the morning.

The World Is His Canvas

Hair Day

It is officially hair day. I go this evening to get my head shaved. It is just getting way too thin and now I am getting concerned about what it is all going to look like when it grows back. I think it is essential that I take it off so that it looks decent when it all grows back. I have pondered this one A LOT and thanks so much to my hair council... Paul, Mom, Pete, Zane, Sara... you all have helped me along the way. I just have heard that it can grow back very different than it started and I just don't want to sport the two-toned/two-textured look for the rest of my days. So, take it off now. Grow it all back fresh... and healthy.

I am sure I will be updating with a pic. No laughing at the bald head aloud!

My hair has been thinning already of course so I sometimes will try out a headscarf. This last weekend I was wearing one and Zane was really into it. He wanted one too so we put one on him. He wore it for a LONG time. He even sported it over at Aunt Rae and Uncle Bob's house!
Just a little preview...

A Peaceful Morning

Today I got to spend with Zane. I don't get to do that really for about a week after my chemo treatments so when I finally do it is good for both of us. The tough part is that really, I am still wiped out. So I have to go slow. Can't really spend time outside cause I get too hot.

So when he got up this morning we took it easy but the best part was getting down this bowl of stones, rocks and shells and watching Zane discover them. He has never seen them before but I LOVE this bowl of stuff. I always have which is why I never have gotten rid of it and I just keep adding to it throughout my life. Most have stories I can't even remember. Zane was so into it. Picking out the rough and smooth ones. Big and little. Long and short. Trying to figure out what color they are. At one point one became a hippo that was swimming around BIG rock.

It was so peaceful and what I needed and I couldn't resist the photo op!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Last weekend we had a little family and friend gathering at the house for Paul's birthday. It was full of cuban sandwiches, black beans & rice, and Paul's very favorite... CHEESECAKE!!

We had lots of fun and Paul got lots of fun goodies. I could not wait to give him mine and Mimi & Papa's gift!!! He got a new laptop! He was totally not expecting it which was just the BEST part! Our good friend, Brian, got it all set up for him so he didn't have to do anything but open it up and start it! He is having quite a good time with it.

Happy Birthday, Love!

The Kitchen Goddess...
Ms. Brianna

Happy Dex! (Weird face for me but I was willing to put it out there cause Dex looks so darn cute!)

Our tool men...

They are just too cute together!

I love the happiness... we all had so much fun!

Zane chowin' on a turkey mini burger!

My little airplane

Quite a while ago I picked up this backpack at a church rumage sale. It is just the cutest thing to me! The other day Zane was asking for a backpack (not sure why) and I remembered we had this. We packed it up with fun books for Mimi's house and he wore it and loved it. It was just too cute watching him wear it while walking up the walk to Mimi's house.

Mimi, we never did get that backpack back!! I think everyone loves it!

You know how I get about those sleeping pictures! They are just my very favorite! And just look how darn tired Daddy is! He was looking just like Zane not too long after this!

What did we do during our hurricane day?

Well, a couple weeks ago Paul's first day of school was canceled due to a potential hurricane. He spent the previous day preparing and then we got to do some fun projects and just hang out the next! Isn't that what hurricane days are supposed to be about.

Zane had quite a craft day...
Noodles, pipe cleaners, feathers and glue... oh my!!

Cheerios necklaces!

And we of course had to fit in some music time...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Mimi & Zane Picnic

While Mommy is on one of her down days, Mimi & Zane had a picnic. Mom sent this photo to me today from her Iphone. It is so cute! She laid a mat and pillows out for them and they snacked away. Then, after the grub, he played with his new dump truck... a remote control dump truck! His favorite things right now are dump trucks, recycling and garbage trucks. Basically any truck or heavy machinery. SO he got his first remote control. It is so cute and the remote has two simple buttons on it with one for forward and one for back. He has to dump it himself. It is so cool!

Mimi is so cool. What a picnic! And of course accompanied by the lovely, dapper Jameson!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yuk. I get to go do this again tomorrow...
But on a better note, look how cute they are working on the chicken roosting box...

Or better yet, naked watermelon eating after a bath...

things are not so bad... because they are so cute!