Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Boo-Boo

Today Zane got a big boo-boo... boooo hoooo!
He was all snuggled up in a cozy towel after a good swim with his Nona (who he was soooo excited to spend the day with!) and took a tumble and busted his chin open.

He got three stitches from the doc and he was so good but it was soooo hard and scary. He really was so scared and I do not blame him. That stuff is scary! It was a long day and he has sacked out by 7:30. Even Paul and I crawled into bed at the same time and are about to call it a night (and it is not even 9pm yet!!)
When we got home he was just so tired and needed to settle that I offered to make him a cozy footbath. He LOVED that idea. I filled a bowl with warm water and lavendar and eucalyptus oil and gave him cup of dried lavendar to throw in there himself. (Thanks to Mothering Magazine for the idea... after that article it has stuck in my head) Then parked him in front of his favorite show and he was so calm and happy.
(Yes, he has a guitar band-aid on his chin!!!)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Zane's Sewing Experience

Last night Zane and I got an idea that he needed a drawstring bag for his large train puzzle. The thing is stored in a box that is on its last leg and falling apart. So, I let him pick out some fabric (he picked the one with diggers all over it... pretty ugly, but he likes it!) and 20 minutes later he had a new bag! It worked out pretty well with him "helping" me along the way!

Zane's How To Video

So, sometimes, late at night when we are all tired but Zane is just not ready to go to sleep yet, Paul gets on the computer and they watch instructional videos on tools and building things. So, when I walked in his room the other day and found this... I just had to help him make his own video!!

More Drummin'

I know that most of our videos are of Zane playing music. You may get tired of this but we absolutly do not around here. I took these today and was really watching them and realized... man, I COULD NOT play that. I don't know too much about drummin' but I think he rocks! I mean, what I do know is that if you asked me to do anything that required me to coordinate my feet AND my hands at the same time (besides of course putting my feet up and knitting!), it would not be happening! Now, of course, I have NEVER been known for my coordination. Too bad. But, I think Zane will be doing ok in that department! He can keep a pretty good beat with that foot drum!


So, I just got back from seeing "the wizard" this morning (the doc.) with the results of my recent CT Scan. Shows no growth so the scans are reading as if I am in remission. No joke, that is how they put it. I mean, you know, they don't want you leaving their jumpin' around too much. I get it. But, it is reading clean. This is good.

It has been a long wait for these test results and I think we all were a bit amped up around here. We are trying to shake it off, but it is taking some work.

But, when I left the docs office Paul and I went to have coffee together and decompress a bit. Then I had to swing by the office to pick some stuff up. That is were I saw the thing that made me loosen up and laugh a bit. Our office is next door to a few antiquey stores. This one in particular is pretty known to sometimes have the strangest things parked outside. But this one topped them all for me...

I mean really... ???

I mean, really!!!???!!!

For only $600 you too can have your very own bamboo basket FULL SIZE harley!!!!

Really, if you are interested... let me know and I will share the name of the store... AND I want to go with you when you bring this bad boy home!!!

How can you not laugh your ass off at that!!!???!!!

Good times.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ever been to Royal Scoop?

Zane has!!!

(His statue of liberty impression.)

Birthday Picnic

Zane and I had a Starbucks picnic on my birthday. It was perfect. Me and my boy and my starbucks!


Been playin' with stencils

I have been working a little bit with stencils lately. Like his new rock star shirt!??!!
This right here is probably his favorite outfit. Rock star shirt, cowboy boots and cowboy hat. Oh, and don't forget some sort of tools in hand!

Our yard Our kitchen


Making wrapping paper for Maya's birthday present with color pencils, crayons and watercolor paints!!

My Birthday Present

I have to announce my exciting birthday gift from Jim & Beth!!! (Paul's Dad and step-ma)
I got a new and beautiful camera!! I don't know how to use most of it and it will probably take most of the next two years or so to learn how to use it, but it is for sure our new toy!!! I got a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS which is not an SLR (decided that I did not want to go that far, plus I really use the movie features of cameras, as you all know!) but it has got more features than I can handle which is what we were looking for! It has a SUPER zoom though!!! This is always a fun feature that Paul and I both LOVE!!

So, look forward to seeing many experiments that I will hopefully find all sorts of time to post them to the blog for all to see and wonder "what the heck was she thinking?" or "she really can not use that camera!!" Either way, it should be a fun adventure. Paul and I also think that it may just take a notch better movies than we have been getting. We shall see.

So, I of course had to make a new home for the camera. I just did not want to get one of those awful looking, bulky camera bags that I end up never using because they take up way too much space in my bag. But, I wanted something that would protect the new toy... check it out.

Pretty cute, heh? Well, I like it and even though it is pretty girly, Paul really likes it too.
I can just toss it into my purse and the camera is safe.

The crazy thing is that after an outing or a couple days of using this camera, when I go to download the pics, instead of having 70 pictures, I have like, 300!! Then it is work to weed through it all and delete about 150. When you have a fun camera, you take pictures of all sorts of things... LUCKY YOU!!!
Don't have a pic of the new camera cause I am always using it!!! :)