Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our sleeping babe.

Sleeping pictures are still some of my favorite.

Daddy Time...

Daddy and Zane decided to assemble a work bench that we have had for him that we got for Christmas from Aunt BE, Keith & Cousin Sam. He is still not old enough for it but we have lots of visitors that may enjoy it and Zane likes the tools.

Daddy showing the Little Man how a power screw driver works.

"All finished!"

"Now it is time to lounge."


and yes, that is a super booger bubble!

From the mailbox...

We got a fun surprise in the mailbox last week from our good friends Paul, Lauren and Paul Carter that live in Boston!!! We LOVE getting surprises from the mail person! Zane had such a fun time opening the box and finding a note inside addressed directly to him from his buddy, Paul Carter! He got his very own Boston Red Sox bib and a mighty fine glam shot of the handsome little man.

"How do you get this sucker open?"


"Now I will eat it."
"Cool bib, man! Thanks PCII!"

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another fun play day!

On Thursday we had another fun playday with our friends Beth & Dexter! They were officially the first to use our playtable to color and have fun!

Zane playing the Mbira (thumb piano) for us. He just loves that thing!

What cute boyz! While Dexter colored with crayons, Zane tasted the crayons.

Tonight we (us & Mimi & Papa) went out to a cool coffee shop to listen to the open mic night! We are scouting it out for Pete & Paul to maybe debut their talents someday soon!

Zane & Mimi hangin' at the coffee shop listening to some tunes and poetry.

Thank you Nona!

I must say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Christy/Nona for coming to the house on Tuesday and helping me re-organize the kitchen! It was so fun and it looks and functions so great now! Thank you so much Nona! We love you!

Dickens (her doggie) and our Jazmin helping to organize the pantry.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boy do we love our daddies!

This is quite an update (if you have the time!)...

We had a great week last week! First, we have Mondays during the summer with Daddy so that is always a good and possibly productive day. Then, Tuesday, Zane and I went over to a friends house for lunch and a playdate! We had such a great time with Beth & Dexter that Zane really passed out in the bike trailer on the way home! (Check out more playdate pics here on their blog!)

Last weekend was a great one for us! First, Paul and I actually went out on a "date" while Mimi & Papa had fun with Zane. We went to see the new Pirates movie and then went out to sushi (Yum! - my FAVORITE!). It was wonderful!

As gifts to each other for our anniversary we have traded projects! Paul put up shelves above my sewing table so now I officially have a sewing corner in our guest room! It is so cool to be able to have all my stuff out and within reach. So look out now! Projects are a brewin' in this crazy head of mine! So the trade off is that I give Paul 4 hours of uninterrupted music recording time in the house. So any of you out there that live close, don't be surprised if I show up and can't leave for many hours! Zane and I will have to save up our errands or go bug Mimi and the chickens!

Then on Father's Day we started off with a breakfast fit for a wonderful Daddy! Zane and I made yummy Buckwheat Pancakes (our favorite!) with a cherry/molasses & syrup topping. Really yum! Zane really enjoyed the pancakes!

Then Paul & Pete went to play some golf together. While they were golfing, Zane had fun splashing around on the front porch.

Then, after playtime for all, Mom and I made a very "manly" Father's Day dinner. We made some filets, potatoes and veggies followed by a yum cappuccino cheesecake (Paul's very FAVORITE). It was so relaxing! Paul was then presented with his Father's Day gift from Mimi & Papa... a MANDOLIN! He is in heaven! (Pictures of that to follow)
Mimi cooking.

Zane and his really cool Daddy!
(Zane's onsie says "My Daddy is a Rock Star")
Happy Father's Day, Darlin'!
To all the Grandpas and Daddies (and we know a lot of new Daddies!) we know out there... we were thinking of you and we love you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Remembering the best day of our lives...

Happy Anniversary, Babe. On this day, four years ago, we celebrated our love surrounded by the best people in the world. If we could just go back and re-live that day, maybe we wouldn't miss everyone so very much!

I love you darlin'. We have accomplished so much...
we have our master's degrees, we moved, bought a house and created the most beautiful child.
Beyond all that, we are closer now than ever before!
I am so happy and so proud.

Dance party "ranch style."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our sleepy boy...

It has been awhile since we have taken a picture of him sleeping. I guess most of the time we are too afraid of waking him up! But I just had to the other day cause he just is too cute!

The new and cute!

We finally got our new playtable!! We are so excited and happy with it and wanted to share!
It is great! It is a great size and looks great in our family room. It has two big storage bins underneath and on one end is a big paper roll so that eventually Zane can color away on but in the meantime all his older friends can come over and show him how it is done!
Check it out:

Also, on a cute and creative note, check out Zane's new bib from his mama! He is very proper these days about his table-wear...

The Cat-erine!

Check out Zane playing with Spivey!

Fun in the sun

We had some fun in the fun at Aunt Rae & Uncle Bob's this weekend (with Nona too!).

Dylan had lots of fun too swimming with Zane:

Even Dicken's decided to get a little tan!

Zoo fun...

Last Thursday we met Meg and Frankie at the zoo for a walk and a look at the lions then came back to the house for some grub and playtime...

"Maybe I should put a bucket over my head and a marshmellow in each ear and stumble around for another dumb-numb week for another hum-drum hit song to appear." - Ani DiFranco

My cute boyz...

Zane & Daddy playing the mbira (thumb piano).

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Feet are so cool. They are so useful and so cute at the same time. Ever since Zane was born, his feet have been my favorite and they continue to be as they grow and grow. I was looking at our feet together the other day and thinking how his feet will one day be much bigger than mine (if he is anything like his daddy - and i THINK he is!). I also noticed how untouched his were compared to my unkempt skin, heels and toes....
they are so cute together...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Did it work? Did it work?

Ok, I am making an attempt at figuring out how to share videos...
Blogger does not let you upload videos (only images) so I have been doing some research on the way to share videos and came up with loading them on You Tube and giving the address...
So, let's see how it goes - let me know.

"Daddy is a wookie":

We had so much fun with Auntie Lala!

Last Saturday Aunt Lala came down for a visit and spent the night with us. We had lots of fun playin' with the Zane-Man, running errands, grilling out and riding the bikes up to the park for some swing fun...

Finally! And he is happy...

I have finally finished crocheting a blanket for Paul that I started before I was pregnant! I just lost all creative ambition while the little guy was growin' away in there and didn't pick the blanket up in quite awhile. Well, it is finally done and he is so happy about that!