Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Matching Game...

Hair Line #1

Hair Line #2

Can you guess who is who?????

This one is for you, Dex!!!

The other day Beth dropped Dexter off to hang with Zane for a short bit while she ran to get her hair cut (that is a "must do on her own" mama thing for sure!). The two of them fully explored the kitchen and cooked up some good eats for sure!

Also, Beth has let us know that Dexter is so into our blog page that every time she pulls out her computer Dex does the sign for Zane (which she has set as the sign for "Z" up near his head because that is where you do the sign for boy - if that make sense to you then you will think to that it is so awesome and cute!) and they have to sit down and watch all the Zane videos. Several times a day as you can imagine! So, this one is for you Dexter! You are in it too!! What a cutie!

"My Looks"

"This is my 'I'm too sexy' look.

"This is my 'I feel sick' look."

"This is my 'I think I am going to cry' look."

"This is my 'Dad, when are you going to stop?' look."

"This is my 'Ya know I could be reading my books or something instead?' look."

He is so happy!

A guy and his new SWEET ride!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Have I shared this??!!??

A couple of weeks ago Zane figured out how to walk behind his walker. I have not really gotten a good movie of this but this is a little short preview. He is so cute toddling behind the walker and he gets so proud of himself!

Applesauce first, then bath.

Last Wednesday Beth Ellen and Sam came down and we made applesauce! It was so cool and so much fun (so much fun that we are so sad they are moving to Utah in a couple of months... too far!). It was my first canning experience and I learned a lot and hope to do it again very soon. We ordered an extra case of organic Fuji apples from the co-op. The applesauce is just that... apples (and a tiny tad of lemon). No sugar and it is the BEST applesauce I have ever had. We left it really chunky (good idea Beth Ellen!). Zane kind of likes it too!
"Aren't these ladies cool?"
"Excuse me. Makin' applesauce."


Sam figured out how those tongs work!
Then it was bathtime for the boyz to get the sticky apple goo off. They were so cute. These are the pictures that will probably be featured one day at their weddings...

Dylan had to join in the action...

Our sweet sleepy boy

On days after the co-op he just crashes from the heat and because he just gets himself so busy!
I loved this though with his butt sticking up in the air. He just started doing this once in a while and I was glad I caught it with the camera.

Tuesdays are fun days...

Last week we had full bags ready for pick-up! Check out the pics of the kiddos helping. AND we got our reusable red bags in and we put them to the test! They worked out beautifully! We ordered four bags for everybody in the co-op and we rotate out the bags, 2 each week.

And so many folks wondered what I was ever going to do with all of those yogurt containers I had been saving. Well... I don't think I really knew either but I finally put them to good use! We got mushrooms in again this week and instead of packaging them all in little paper bags which then just cause more garbage, we put filled the yogurt cups with them. (Yes, I eat lots of large containers of plain yogurt! Lots!) So, everyone is (hopefully) going to wash them out and return them this week for future co-op uses.

The boys can be quite an issue to manage because they just want to explore everything. Well, who can blame them. We manage it quite well if I may say so and I am just so happy that they can grow up around such a cool project!
Yummy gala apples, valencia oranges, bananas, pears, carrots, cabbage, crimini mushrooms, red chard, butter lettuce, and tomatoes... oh my!

Playing with yarn

"Interesting texture."

"Don't you dare think about taking this away from me!"

Crafty Bliss...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What is your winning flavor?

I thought this was cute and fun to think about. Come up with your winning flavor and see if they pick it!!

What's Your Winning Flavor: Wholefoods Market

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Protests, Showers & Sweet Rides

Last Saturday was busy and filled with all sorts of playing and political fun. We had a busy day planned in Fort Myers with a Nurse-In to participate in (a protest of Applebees breastfeeding policies) and a baby shower to attend. In between all of that, Paul went to pick up his new ride! He is so excited about his new bike that he bought with his all too generous birthday money.

The protest of Applebees may have been on your local news last Saturday because all over the country protests were planned because of an incident that happened in an Applebees in Kentucky.

Local news clip with video: Breastfeeding Protest

And just to add a little sweetness just to remind us all how important it is and beautiful to breastfeed our little kiddos...
This is my sweet view of him every time he falls asleep. I have to be the luckiest girl around...

This is just an unbelievably domestic picture of me. Taking a break from SEWING to feed the babe! What a day!

What was I sewing? Well, a fun little baby shower gift for our friends Erica & James and their anticipated bambino, Spencer. A cute little bib to match Zane's, a couple of embellished onsies and a crocheted octopus!

Erica's Shower - As you can see, Frankie has fun helping with all the unwrapping!

And after all of that, we still came home with a new bike!! Paul has it in the shop right now getting a tune up so pics will soon come of Paul cruisin' on the new bad boy!

Our little flautist

When Sara, Sam & Maya were here they brought with them a very fitting gift for this household. They brought the super sized band from the great toy company Melissa & Doug!! We love their toys and actually Zane already had a small set they carry but many of the instruments did not overlap! So now we have enough for so many kids to have a super huge band! Well, after they left Zane was still discovering new instruments and as I was in the kitchen cooking I heard the little flute (recorder really but I like to jazz it up a bit!) noise. I thought Paul was playing it for him but realized he was on the phone! Zane had figured out how to make it make noise!! For a few days after that he would pick up everything and try and blow into it to make noise!! Pretty cute! (Sorry the video is a little dark. When the boy plays the flute lighting is just not something I think about I guess.)

AND as you can see blogger has added a GREAT feature where I can load the video directly on the blog page! I am so excited by this! It took quite a bit longer to load but hopefully they will fine tune those things. Enjoy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paul Birthday Weekend

Yes, we had his real birthday weekend and celebrated with a wonderful visit from our great friends Sara, Sam and Maya! We spent the labor day weekend relaxing, catching up and eating yummy food.

"Why do we have to wear shirts? Not fair!"

We all took a bike ride up to the playground near our house. Sara & Sam sported the tandem! They were so cute!

... and they were so cute too!

"The big scary Daddy-Monster is after me!"

Our little butterfly.

And then back to the house for some lasagna that Sara made and a plum tart (great recipe. could make it with any pitted fruit) that I made for Paul's second birthday celebration. (Everyone's birthday should last at least a week!)

Snoozin' with her Sadie.

Tired Ladies.

And now for a little photo conversation between Maya & Zane
on their little bike ride...

On the way to the playground I would ride up next to the trailer and just shoot pictures. I didn't know really what I was taking picture of or what they were doing. I didn't notice what their focus was until I started looking at the pictures closly afterwards. Just as a note, we don't really ever put shoes on Zane. I threw some on him this day because I thought just in case he started crawling around in the mulch he would have something on his feet. I think he had issues with the shoes...

Zane: "What is this crap on my feet. They make me look like a dork!"

Maya: "Yeah, those are kind of weird."

Maya: "Look at mine. Mine are much better."

Zane: "I mean, what is this anyway? All the chicks at the playground will think I am a sissy ballarina!"

Maya: "I like shoes. You can give them to me! I will wear both pairs even!"

Zane: "Whatever. I guess this is what they want. Gosh!"

Maya (in her head): "Yeah I will show you whatever when I see you trying to look at any chicks at the playground!"

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birthday Card from Ben & Rachael

Check out the coolest birthday card Paul got for his birthday!! He got it in the mail last week from Ben and Rachael. They made some CDs with new music for us and used them as the bike "wheels." They added to Paul's awesome bike fund! You guys know how to put together a rockin' cool card!!!