Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The second picture is his drawing of a whale (totally on his own). Then he embellished a bit.


We have a piano! When Christy (Nona, Mom) moved to Bonita (yea!!!) she was able to add this to the moving truck and have them bring it to our house! This piano was Paul's grandparents and it has been waiting in West Palm Beach for us to find a way to get it to our house in Naples.

Zane has a good time with it!

The Garden

I so have picture somewhere of how this all started (I tried to document it well) but I can not find them! I know they are in a folder somewhere but...
Anyways, Brian Housewert (in collaboration with Beth and his parents) created a garden for us in our backyard. Brian and Paul planted a bunch of seeds and now... well, we have enough salad greens to eat a salad at every meal! It is so wonderful! Our beautiful garden is even more full right now than in these pictures! (Although our tomato plants are not fairing well with the cold weather!)
One day I will find those pictures of them planting it!

All I have from our New Year's Party

We had great friends over New Year's Eve for dinner and a fire (in our new fire pit we got from Mom & Pete for Christmas!) and it was so nice and relaxing. Many kids and big adult kids having fun. This is the only picture I took the whole evening... I guess I was excited about the smores!

Left Over Party

My Mom and Pete have started a party tradition after Christmas called the "Leftover Party!". Everyone brings Christmas leftovers and Paul and Pete always put on a show. Included in the music this year was their neighbor Pat on bass guitar, Uncle Chris on bongos, a couple guest vocals, and Zane on bongos & guitar (which ever he was feeling the goove for).

So cute!!

MORE xmas

I know I have been terrible about the blog lately. That is the way it goes. We are feeling better around here which means that we are VERY busy too. BUT... I know that I slacked on the xmas pics. I didn't quite get them all in and I still did not put pics with Santa on Xmas Eve...

So here is to more Christmas (but in February!!)...

Christmas Eve at Mimi & Papa's House...
Santa Arrives

Christmas Day Dinner at Gradeaux's!!

You're stealing my line!!!