Friday, October 10, 2008

The Birth of Oliver Miles James - Part 1

I have wanted to do this post for a couple weeks now and has just beat myself up that I have not gotten around to it! Zane, Paul and I got to be a special part of helping bring our very best friends, Sara, Sam & Maya's new little one into the world. MR. (yes, Mr. - they thought they were having a girl!) Oliver Miles James was brought into this world on September 15th by a strong, powerful Mommy, Sara, and a supportive and labor expert, Sam James.

We went up there to Clearwater the weekend of Sept. 12th to provide love, cooking, entertainment and simply a distraction. Maya and Zane get along so well. They truly act like close cousins.
Sara started contractions on Friday morning and we arrived Friday night to enjoy milkshakes and pancakes at The Village Inn.
The other part of the story is that we left Sunday afternoon and Sara was still having contractions. On average, most of them were about 8-10 minutes apart! She had a long weekend but somehow managed to sleep (maybe not well, but sleep nonetheless)

Milk Shake Cuteness

Mommy, Maya & Belly Time

Storytime with Daddy/Sam

The Birthing Mama

I brought tons of vegetables that had been stacking up from the co-op (I can not pull it together to cook anymore most of the time) and a bag of mini pasta. Then, Sara had the same in her frig! Veggies stacking up from her co-op cause she too has not been cooking too much. Let's just say, we are both tired!

Anyways, the result of all the veggies and cute mini-pasta, and some love of course...
Birthing Soup... Sara ate TONS of this! She then told me later that almost two weeks later she was still eating little bowls at a time! A good easy, healthy fix!

Then, a "let's see if we can get these contractions closer walk." And also, a "let's get the birthing mother and the cooped up kiddos out for a walk because the plumbing broke walk." (We got a plumber that night in there and it got all fixed up and then we scrubbed the tubs cause they did not fair well from the plumbing back-up. Fun stuff! They recovered well, though!

Maya and her baby sling. So darn cute!! Sara made the sling for her.

This is one of my favorite pictures! I just have these visions in my head of pulling these pics out for them when they have families of their own. They look so cute and the look they are giving each other!

The other cutest smile in the world!!!

Trip to the park. They needed a their water and cashews!

So, we left Sunday afternoon and he was born at 5:am. Although we were of course bummed that we could not be there for that, we also felt that we knew they were well nourished and felt loved by close friends. They are really our family. We love them so!!!

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