Thursday, March 29, 2007

Splish Splash

We went to a little splash park today at Vineyards Community and Zane had quite a good time! We met up with friends, Mindy and little Luci and splashed and lunched. Zane really loved playing with the little water sprays and his feet!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sweet Feet...

Check out Dylan hangin' out in the background!

This is a look that Paul and I have never seen before this picture but it looks like one of those looks that we hear about that we will see again and again throughout his life.

"Oh my god, I love knitted vegetables! They taste so good!"

Lazy Sundays...

Zane loves hangin' out in the hammock in the back yard. The weather has been perfect lately so we go out there early in the morning or in the evening (when the sun is not too strong... we are very fair people in this house!). He gets so calm when we are out there! He just loves to watch the trees blowing in the wind. It is great for when he gets really tense and cranky - I just take him to the hammock!

They are so cute together!

"Play it again, Daddy!"

Zane, Gramps & the Mamma

Cruisin' the beach

Hey Cutie!

Rasta Man

About a month ago we all went to one of Papa Pete's tennis exhibitions that he coordinated at his club. It had a reggae theme so Papa and Zane wore their Bob Marley shirts and Papa let Zane try on the natty dreads!

Man, I love this kid!!!!!

"Hey, I'm up for anything!"