Monday, May 21, 2007

Time to slow down...

We had a great weekend in Naples (FINALLY! - we have been traveling too much!). We stuck around the house most of the time but Saturday we went over to Grandad's pool with Mimi and took Zane for a swim (no pictures of the pool fun because we forgot the camera!). We went and got him a little floaty ladybug he sits in and he loved it but he kept trying to bite the water! He got really excited in the pool though so Daddy has decided he is taking him to swim lessons this summer! Good Daddy time for Zane...

We discovered two new teeth coming in on the top (two front)! He had a rough morning Sunday but he recovered and he has been snoozing a lot (although fitfully).

Also on Sunday we decided to take the bike to do our grocery shopping! This time we hooked up the trailer to Paul's bike...

"Brought you groceries, Mommy!"

Owl Bib

Also, I started making a couple bibs for Zane (more photos to follow at a later date) because I am frustrated with the little size of the ones we have an we are not really into the plasticy ones. I also can not believe the price of a simple thing like a bib... so I made some out of one of our old towels!

This morning I found Jazmin taking the Bumbo for a sit. She looks good, heh?

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  1. Zane needs some tunes in that contraption. He looks like he wants to rock out in the backseat.

    Auntie Lala sends her love!

  2. Nice score on the trailer. I am currently looking for the same thing for Nola and I to cruise around in this summer.

    Thanks for the blog. It has been fun reading about Ben's exciting first six (almost seven) months.

    Cant wait to see you guys and meet Ben in person. I hope you all would consider coming to see us this winter. We have plenty of room.

    Love you guys!

    Great Mother's Day song!

  3. LOVE the new trailer. Paul and Zane look so happy on their first ride.

    We'll have to do some 'sweet ridin' around the Gate sometime!