Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How sweet it is to be loved...

This last weekend was such a wonderful one. Not only was it my birthday weekend but I got to spend it with so much family and we had such a good and relaxing time! I feel completely spoiled, lucky and well taken care of...
We had a cook-out at our house Saturday night with some family and friends to celebrate my birthday. We grilled brats and tuna steaks (YUM!!) and had lots of other really yum food and my wonderful Mom baked me my favorite carrot cake! It was spectacular! After we dined and I was lavished with WAY TOO MANY gifts and Pete sang me a song he wrote (all about me!) we moved ourselves over to one of my very favorite Naples, Florida attractions. The local (literally right around the corner from our house) Quality Inn. Oh yea, The Quality Inn. They have karaoke on Friday & Saturday nights and it is fun for all. No, I do not sing karaoke, but Paul & Pete take part most of the time. But, the place is the best entertainment in town with real people hangin' out havin' a good ol' time! If anyone out there would like to join us on our next visit, please let us know. We love showing new folks the way to quality entertainment at the local Quality Inn!
Happy Birthday!!
(The best wrapped present I have ever seen with beautiful flower stickers and specially hand-picked ribbons from my wonderful mother-in-law, Christy. Thank you!!!)

Nona & Zane

The sweetest moment that happened that evening is when Zane fell sound asleep on Auntie Margaret. So sweet you just have to sigh!

Yummy carrot cake and Zane helping Mommy open her gifts (he took a long time with the ribbon!).

Pete singing my birthday song...
I love it; it is by far the most humorous song I have known Pete to write (and there are many from him which are full of great laughs!).

Sung to the tune of "Michelle" by The Beatles...
Danielle, you're swell. I just can't believe you're 30 now, Holy cow.
Danielle, oh well. You are still the youngest adult here, by many a year.
We love you, we love you, we love you. That's all we want to say.
And that we're glad you're not gay.
'Cause you wouldn't have met Paul and on top of it all, there wouldn't be a Baby Zane.
Danielle, pray tell, how did you get such a rock star kid? Look what you did.
He needs you, he needs you, he needs you. He needs breast milk, you know.
It really helps him grow.
And by his size and thunderous thighs, you've done a hell of a job.

You're 30, you're 30, you're 30. You think that's old? It's not.
And Paul still thinks you're hot.
So if you will, stay off the pill, and make a friend for Zane.
Danielle you've done well. 30 years and look at all you've got, sure is a lot.
With an awesome mate, and a son so great, ... and a home in Golden Gate, our Danielle.

(Fun stuff, heh?!?!)

Many enjoying the karaoke jams...
(Zane was such a rock star kid and was so good at being out so late!)

Then... (yes, there is more!) on Sunday we went over to Aunt Rae & Uncle Bob's and got Zane in the pool for a dip. He just loved being in the water and splashed and splashed!

After swimming it was snooze time for Zane & Uncle Bob...

and hang out time for the rest of us and puppies!
... AND THEN... (yes, there is more!) Paul surprised me with new fish for the aquarium AND he fixed up the old tandem bike...
Christy & Paul taking a cruise....
I know it has been a long one, but I just had so much to say and so much to share about the best weekend EVER! To those of you who made it through all of this... thank you for humoring me!
Signing off with a pic of our little cherub...


  1. Wow, sure seems like you had a great birthday weekend!! Isn't it great to have such funny relatives to so that they keep you laughing and smiling all celebration long. Zane is getting so big, like a little boy now. Can't wait to see you again. Maybe we'll have to meet up at the Rockin' Quality Inn.

  2. is that a picture of him sitting up by himself? did i miss something?

    p.s. happy belated birthday!