Monday, May 21, 2007

Just a little bit of braggin'...

I just wanted to post a little bit of braggin' about the Mother's Day song I mentioned that Paul wrote for me. It is so sweet I had to have him perform it again the next day. So I wanted to share the sweet lyrics with all who were interested...
“happy mother’s day, darlin’”

i’ve seen cairo and paris, chicago at night
seen brussels and bangkok, and rome’s city lights
but all the girls in those towns seemed to all fade from sight
when i met my danielle on that warm august night

we hit the ground runnin’, never asked for advice
two kids outta college makin’ some kinda life
took i-75 up to westbound i-10
looked for trouble in baton rouge and found it again


happy mother’s day darlin’, you’re sexy and kind
happy mother’s day, darlin’, it’s your time to shine
jazimin, chloe, and dylan, zane, and spivey are fine
happy mother’s day, darlin’, have a good time

tied the knot in punta gorda, a midsummer night’s dream
there was laughter and dancin’ ‘neath the shadowy trees
spent a week in the rockies in a cabin for two
we did all of the things that newlyweds do



now the zanester’s arrived, the third time was a charm
they struggled all through the night, he was born in my arms
little buddha incarnate, all giggles and thighs,
such a beautiful boy with his mama’s blue eyes


how awesome is that???

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