Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Sweet Score on My Sweet Ride!!

On Monday after recovering from our crazy busy weekend I sat down at the computer and began checking like I always do for a bike trailer. I have been searching for a used one for a couple months now and they are rarely found and when they are they go fast. Well, I found one!!! Mom went with me up to Ft. Myers to pick it up with her mighty truck. What a mad score this baby was! My new toy rocks! I cleaned it up last night (Pete helped me pump up those tires) and today Paul helped me hook this baby up! We took Zane on a little spin in it and he was so relaxed! It is so cool... it has a canopy over his head so it will keep the sun off of him and a tarp to close if it rains -- so he will stay ray-free and dry. It also has some 'trunk space' behind the seat (which, by the way, seats 2 kids so if any of his friends want to come take a spin, please do...). The big handle along the back of it lets you use it as a stroller too if you want, but that may not be quite that handy.
So it is happy cruisin' for us! We can take it to the grocery store, the post office, hardware store, pharmacy, and best of all for the little man... the park to swing!

Daddy is makin' sure he is sittin' pretty!

Let's go Mamma!

The first cruise.

Happy kiddo!

Yee-Haw, Giddy-up!!

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