Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Hampshire: WELCOME

Off to New Hampshire to FINALLY see Uncle Ben and Aunt Rachael!!

Dinner our first night... enchiladas!!! Yum!

Porch sittin'

"This is where you are now."

Our hike behind their house... it was an amazing little hike. Zane ended up needing to be carried almost the whole time so it was tough but we took turns luggin' him. They have a mini train right next to their house and that was of course awesome for Zane to see everyday!

Their little baby, Kaden...

Finding frogs...

The awesome and amazing snapping turtle...

Look at that tail!

Beautiful deer...

Goin' home.

So, that afternoon, Ben, Rachael and I ran to town. Yes, to town. It is a trip of sorts. But I was on a mission for a pack for Zane. We could not have anymore walkin' around where we are carrying him without any help for the rest of the time. I could not believe it, but we found one at the outfitters store. It is pretty awesome and Zane loves riding in it.

Zane and I taught Rachael how to knit!

Goin' to take Kaden to the dog beach.


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