Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Hampshire: Could it be "Camp"??

Welcome to camp!!!

About 20 minutes from Ben and Rachael's house is Rachael's Grampie's camp. The family has been gathering there for quite some time. So, of course they had to show it off to us and take us there for a night. It was a blast. We sailed, canoed, played, ate lots, had a big beautiful camp fire but the most fun was finally meeting Rachael's family!

The Dunton Girls.

Zane fishin' some more.

Ben just sails the whole time he is at camp unless he is eating or cooking.
We had such a wonderful time taking turns sailing with him!

Grampie has lots of fun tools.

Now, my favorite picture of Rachael.

Ben checkin' the weather and cookin' it up!


Rachael's gettin' us ready for the feast!

Zane and I are finding our spot!


Zane LOVED eating clams! How weird, right? But he chowed down on about 6 whole clams!!! He is still talking about them!

Ok, so Zane will often find the young cute girl in the room and stick to her and want to know everything about her. Well, wonderful Olivia, Rachaels' sister, was his choice on this trip. He lOVED Olivia!

The camp potty.

Next course... fresh lobsters!

Aunt Rachael ROCKS!!

Smell those lobsters!

The boy loves corn on the cob!

Tim, Rachael's Dad, the best fire tender around.

Jacob & Olivia

Zane loved hanging by the fire but he really loved hiking in the woods at night. Yes, that is right. BUT, check out his required gear. He wore Ben's headlamp the whole time we were at camp. So, he had a good time taking turns taking us all on little hikes in the woods behind the house.

Until next time...

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