Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Painting on the porch (and Mommy knitting and having tea on the porch). It does not always last long, but it sure is nice while it lasts!

You know me and these feet! (For me, my very favorite if it is not obvious yet, are the sweet sleeping photos and the sweet little feet photos! Can't go wrong!)

On to his pastels.

New page...

This is Zane's desk. After finding his desk set up this way and taking this picture, I decided that I want to take more random shots of his desk often. Just to document it's ebbs and flows. This day, it caught my eye. I was just caught by how he laid out his colorful pics on his drawing pad and had to leave it there like that. (They are normally in that little basket. Well, I lie. Normally they are all over the house in every corner, in every room... ALL OVER. Then I pick them up and put them back in this basket! Ha!) Anyway, I have been loving checking out how he leaves his desk at different times and hope that I take more pictures of it along the way.

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  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I just love these pictures and the feet. Don't forget my request to get a really cute "close up" of him in a hat or not. My portrait lessons are coming along and I want to do one of him at this age. How cute is he?? Love, NANA xxoo