Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What do you do?

Conversations with our 21 month old...

kiddo (while holding a small play VW bus, pulling the door open and pointing to the drivers seat): "In. Dive (meaning "drive"). Seat. (looks at me)

me: "yes, that is were you would sit to drive the bus."

kiddo: "In. Dive. In. Dive. In. Seat. Dive." (starting to get hysterical)

me: (finally realizing what he is trying to communicate... i think) "Oh! No, honey, you can not drive that bus because you are too big and the play bus is too small for you to fit in."

kiddo: (crying) "In! Dive! In! Dive! In! Dive! In. Dive! In! Dive!" (while jamming his finger over and over into the bus through the door)

me: "See how this is so small? See how big Zane is? Mommy can not even drive this car. It is too small for Mommy to get in.

kiddo: "IN! DIVE! IN! DIVE!"

Then, TOTAL MELT DOWN. Uncontrollable crying.
Daddy and Mommy look at each other with such lose.

The next day...
While playing with furniture in the dollhouse he pulls out the kitchen sink dollhouse toy.
He brings it over to me and is showing it to me and he is showing me the parts of the sink. Then he looks at me and says "Water. On." while he is trying to turn the faucet. "Water. On!" (little bit of crying while I explain to him that it is a toy, pretend sink. Finally he gives up THANKFULLY without a meltdown. Whew!!!

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    It's a guessing game. We were riding in the car and Mark started yelling..."Hartacker, hartacker, hartacker"...I finally figured out he was saying helicopter! Another was "Morehucker, morehucker" it was a motorcycle. They have their own language...love, NANA