Friday, July 18, 2008

Pony Boy

Well, it actually happened! Zane had his first pony ride today! Well, Maggie is not quite a pony but she will certainly do! We took Zane over to Mimi's house because we wanted Zane to see her actually ride a horse. It was really a beautiful morning! I pried my two lovely boys out of bed, we got ready and headed to Mimi's house. Paul and I took coffee and sat on lawn chairs under a tree and it was wonderful!

So... Zane got up and actually rode with Mom on the horse!!! It was so amazing and cute and cool! He did so well and sat so still and held on and then asked for MORE!!!

I will let the pics and videos tell the rest of the story!

Watching Mimi

The First Ride!!



  1. Oh my what a day!! I got all misty! I know your mom has waited so long for this and he did SO AWESOME. I'm sure riding lessons will be in his future.

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    This is just the beginning! I know Kim had just as much fun as Zane. He sits so straight and is concentrating on the moment. We marveled at how quickly he took Kim's instructions of where to put his hands to hold on. NANA