Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Paul and I do love our siblings...

Going back and looking through a BUNCH of pics that I would like to post I came across some birthday photos that I think are special...

Zane got a beautiful card in the mail from his Uncle Ben and Aunt Rachael. It was beautifully decorated with colorful leaves that they picked up in their yard and waxed. They also included quite a stack of leaves for Zane to play with. Inside, the card read:

Why do leaves change color, you ask?

Leaves change color in the fall because the green chlorophyll, which is part of a trees food factorie, disappears for winter. As the green fades away, we begin to see yellow and orange colors that were covered up by the green chlorophyll. Bright reds and purples are caused by glucose, tree food, being trapped in the leaf.

As you eagerly make your first step toward walking, may your falls be graceful and soft. Like a leaf coming to rest on the earth by a gentle breeze.

We look forward to seeing you in the mountains on fall.

We love you, Rachael & Benjamin

Well, Zane may not totally understand how cool this card is, but we sure do! It was beautiful and we have a stack of wonderful leaves that we can pull out and let Zane play with once in a while!

You guys rock!

Aunt Lara came down from school in Gainesville to spend the weekend for Zane's birthday. It was such a good visit and Zane really likes hangin' with his Aunt Lala.

Paul and Lara set out to cut the pumpkins for the party decor...

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