Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It is Christmas time...

Our incredible friend, Sara, sent us a wonderful package last week. It contained three, beautiful, hand-knitted stockings. One for each of us; made with lotsa love. It was just the best package ever to open. We really felt so lucky to have such a beautiful and thoughtful friend.
They are hung and filled to the brim. Sara thought they were going to be too big. Well, not for us! They have goodies galore!

Zane trying to put one on his head.

He loved the bells on the one stocking.

Zane and Daddy watching Rudolph on TV. He actually watched for about 5 minutes (the longest he has ever watched TV) and then fell fast asleep! It was really sweet.

Zane got a singing/dancing snowman from Larry and Denise. He just thought it was the funniest thing that he could turn it on and off!

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  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I live for these new entries and especially the videos. The snowman is very entertaining for him and Paul, ha, ha. Love NANA