Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Once I get it, I got it. You know what I mean?"

Today is a big day at the Holimon house! Mimi, Uncle Ben and Grandad are assembling his brand new playset! This is Zane's BIG Christmas present from so many people! Many have pitched in to help fund this big project (Mimi & Papa, Uncle Ben & Aunt Rachael, Grandad, Nana, Jim & Grammie, Aunt Maggie & Uncle Chris, Gradeaux, Great Uncle Mark).

This is just the beginning of what seems like it will be a complicated and long project.

I will try to keep all posted on the progress.

Playset Video 1 - Intro

(Just click on the link above to see the video. Blogger just takes too darn long sometimes to upload these videos!)

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  1. Can we come and help tomorrow? We're totally missing you guys after not seeing you for so long. Lots of catching up to do. Also...when did you get back? Sunday? If so I will apologize in advance for not calling to have you for our potluck. It was impromptu and I thought you were still gone...but then I questioned myself...anyway! We miss you all.