Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Protests, Showers & Sweet Rides

Last Saturday was busy and filled with all sorts of playing and political fun. We had a busy day planned in Fort Myers with a Nurse-In to participate in (a protest of Applebees breastfeeding policies) and a baby shower to attend. In between all of that, Paul went to pick up his new ride! He is so excited about his new bike that he bought with his all too generous birthday money.

The protest of Applebees may have been on your local news last Saturday because all over the country protests were planned because of an incident that happened in an Applebees in Kentucky.

Local news clip with video: Breastfeeding Protest

And just to add a little sweetness just to remind us all how important it is and beautiful to breastfeed our little kiddos...
This is my sweet view of him every time he falls asleep. I have to be the luckiest girl around...

This is just an unbelievably domestic picture of me. Taking a break from SEWING to feed the babe! What a day!

What was I sewing? Well, a fun little baby shower gift for our friends Erica & James and their anticipated bambino, Spencer. A cute little bib to match Zane's, a couple of embellished onsies and a crocheted octopus!

Erica's Shower - As you can see, Frankie has fun helping with all the unwrapping!

And after all of that, we still came home with a new bike!! Paul has it in the shop right now getting a tune up so pics will soon come of Paul cruisin' on the new bad boy!

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  1. oh, another sweet ride to add to the gang! Let's RIDE~!!