Monday, September 10, 2007

Paul Birthday Weekend

Yes, we had his real birthday weekend and celebrated with a wonderful visit from our great friends Sara, Sam and Maya! We spent the labor day weekend relaxing, catching up and eating yummy food.

"Why do we have to wear shirts? Not fair!"

We all took a bike ride up to the playground near our house. Sara & Sam sported the tandem! They were so cute!

... and they were so cute too!

"The big scary Daddy-Monster is after me!"

Our little butterfly.

And then back to the house for some lasagna that Sara made and a plum tart (great recipe. could make it with any pitted fruit) that I made for Paul's second birthday celebration. (Everyone's birthday should last at least a week!)

Snoozin' with her Sadie.

Tired Ladies.

And now for a little photo conversation between Maya & Zane
on their little bike ride...

On the way to the playground I would ride up next to the trailer and just shoot pictures. I didn't know really what I was taking picture of or what they were doing. I didn't notice what their focus was until I started looking at the pictures closly afterwards. Just as a note, we don't really ever put shoes on Zane. I threw some on him this day because I thought just in case he started crawling around in the mulch he would have something on his feet. I think he had issues with the shoes...

Zane: "What is this crap on my feet. They make me look like a dork!"

Maya: "Yeah, those are kind of weird."

Maya: "Look at mine. Mine are much better."

Zane: "I mean, what is this anyway? All the chicks at the playground will think I am a sissy ballarina!"

Maya: "I like shoes. You can give them to me! I will wear both pairs even!"

Zane: "Whatever. I guess this is what they want. Gosh!"

Maya (in her head): "Yeah I will show you whatever when I see you trying to look at any chicks at the playground!"

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  1. The little conversation is just too cute! I always wonder what they are thinking. Fun that you caught those gestures to tell the story.