Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Last weekend we had a really FUN party at our house for Paul's birthday which was actually Sept. 1st but we celebrated it a bit early. Many friends and family came over and we ate yummy lasagna, bread and salad followed by THE Chocolate Ganache Cake! We showered Paul in generous gifts and music full of love. Many family members pitched in to put cash towards a "New Bike Fund" for Paul. He is really siked because he has enough to start shopping!!

Zane helped Daddy get the beer cold before the party.

"Thanks Dad. I think I'll have a cold one!"

Sam arrived with a really cool gift for Zane! It is a lunch box everything in it to make Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches! It has a little wooden jam and p.b. with a knife and magnetic pieces of bread. And to top that off, a wooden carton of milk! It was so cute. Sam showed Zane how to spread the jam on the bread!

Kim, Chris & Margaret having a good time.
Brian, Beth & Dexter. (Thanks, Beth, for taking so many GREAT pictures for me!!!)

Sam and Frankie loved playing with the doll house.

Pete entertained us all with a tune he wrote just for the occasion.

"Giddy up, Moosey!"

"Do you know how this thing works?"

"I look sooo good with this thing!"

The party was so much fun!! Beth Ellen, Keith, Sam and Nona stayed the night with us and we got to wake up and visit and have a great breakfast together.

"Good Morning, World!"

"I got your toy! Ha Ha!"

Sam & Beth Ellen got the crayons out and made me some more wrapping paper!

Uncle Keith showed Zane how to jam out with his new band set! Mimi & Papa showed up with a little present to Daddy from Zane! It was a drum full of fun instruments to play!


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    WHat great fun you were having...nice party and the kids we having fun too! Love, NANA

  2. Happy Bday Paul! We miss you guys!