Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our little flautist

When Sara, Sam & Maya were here they brought with them a very fitting gift for this household. They brought the super sized band from the great toy company Melissa & Doug!! We love their toys and actually Zane already had a small set they carry but many of the instruments did not overlap! So now we have enough for so many kids to have a super huge band! Well, after they left Zane was still discovering new instruments and as I was in the kitchen cooking I heard the little flute (recorder really but I like to jazz it up a bit!) noise. I thought Paul was playing it for him but realized he was on the phone! Zane had figured out how to make it make noise!! For a few days after that he would pick up everything and try and blow into it to make noise!! Pretty cute! (Sorry the video is a little dark. When the boy plays the flute lighting is just not something I think about I guess.)

AND as you can see blogger has added a GREAT feature where I can load the video directly on the blog page! I am so excited by this! It took quite a bit longer to load but hopefully they will fine tune those things. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    How great is that??? He's found out how to "blow" and get sounds from it. Great demonstration march too. Love, NANA