Sunday, November 09, 2008

Super Cool Birthday #2!!!

And we had all the little friends over for party #2!! It was so much fun! We had lots of pizza and everyone enjoyed some super cupcake decorating!

Chowin' on some pizza with Uncle Ben's help.
Super cuties eatin' pizza.
Sportin' his new cape made especially for our tool man by the lovely and talented Beth Housewert! He loves it so much he had to wear it to storytime and lunch out with Mommy the other day!
Double partiers! Mimi and Papa!!

The AWESOME Halloween cupcake tree made by Mimi! She made our favorite carrot cake into cupcakes and they were the YUMMIEST!!! Thank Mimi!!!!

Happy Birthday time...

He waited so patiently for everyone to sing ALL of Happy Birthday to him before he even went to blow out his candles! (I guess by this time he had some practice!) (Thanks, Papa for taken these pics!!)

He LOVES to blow out the candles!

Cupcake decorating!! I highly recommend it. They ALL had so much fun and it really was not as messy as you may imagine it to be! Especially with most of them being 2.5 and younger!

He got TOO MANY cool things and thanks to all! So much fun and useful stuff I just can not get over how perfect and wonderful and generous everyone is! Much love to all!!

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  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Special parties for a special boy. What a great time for the family. Thanks for all the pictures, it was "almost" like being there. Was that Miss Suzy I saw at the table? What fun! Love, NANA xxoo