Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I AM so thankful. It seems crazy after all we have been through lately but we ARE thankful. Thankful for our family and friends who we would not be getting through this without.

Thankful, yes, for our health. Let's face it... I have two VERY healthy boyz that keep me company and although my health is not perfect... it is something to be thankful for. Thankful that I can get through this. Thankful that my body is holding up and fighting with all its might. I am so thankful that this is what I am fighting and not so many other horrible things...

We are gearing up for a relaxing day at Aunt Maggie & Uncle Chris's house who are so wonderfully hosting Thanksgiving this year. They are working so hard. Next year, I swear... we ARE going OUT TO A RESTAURANT and relaxing and not worrying about making ANYTHING. This... my Mom and I are PROMISING!!!

Paul and Zane are out on a long bike ride right now in hopes to tire the kiddo out for an early nap so we can skip ourselves over to the Thanksgiving table. Then we get to look around at all of our family and sigh because they are so special and we are SO lucky.

Happy Thanksgiving to all out there and don't work yourselves too hard.
Take a moment to appreciate all those around you.
Much love,
The Moonhils

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