Friday, November 14, 2008

2 days & 2 nights

I spent 2 days and 2 nights in the hospital. Got out yesterday morning.
Never been so happy to be home.
I got bronchitis and my white cell count dropped too low.
I have never felt so sick before in my life.
The bronchitis for a normal person wouldn't be so bad but for someone on chemo... I guess it sucks!
I was checked in with a heart rate of 148! My discharge and "normal" heart rate now is 98. Still seems a little high to me but I am happy to be home.

Between my Mom and Paul... they never left my side. I love them so much.
Nona took good care of Zane. They played a bunch.

Zane now has a cough and a runny nose. Poor guy.

How Paul stays so healthy, I have no idea. Thank god.

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  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    So glad you're back home and feeling better. We were all so worried about you. It's hard to stay germ free. Get better real soon. Love you, NANA xxoo