Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Peaceful Morning

Today I got to spend with Zane. I don't get to do that really for about a week after my chemo treatments so when I finally do it is good for both of us. The tough part is that really, I am still wiped out. So I have to go slow. Can't really spend time outside cause I get too hot.

So when he got up this morning we took it easy but the best part was getting down this bowl of stones, rocks and shells and watching Zane discover them. He has never seen them before but I LOVE this bowl of stuff. I always have which is why I never have gotten rid of it and I just keep adding to it throughout my life. Most have stories I can't even remember. Zane was so into it. Picking out the rough and smooth ones. Big and little. Long and short. Trying to figure out what color they are. At one point one became a hippo that was swimming around BIG rock.

It was so peaceful and what I needed and I couldn't resist the photo op!

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  1. Anonymous1:26 AM

    What pretty shells and stones; Zane is really into examining them with great concentration. NANA