Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Last weekend we had a little family and friend gathering at the house for Paul's birthday. It was full of cuban sandwiches, black beans & rice, and Paul's very favorite... CHEESECAKE!!

We had lots of fun and Paul got lots of fun goodies. I could not wait to give him mine and Mimi & Papa's gift!!! He got a new laptop! He was totally not expecting it which was just the BEST part! Our good friend, Brian, got it all set up for him so he didn't have to do anything but open it up and start it! He is having quite a good time with it.

Happy Birthday, Love!

The Kitchen Goddess...
Ms. Brianna

Happy Dex! (Weird face for me but I was willing to put it out there cause Dex looks so darn cute!)

Our tool men...

They are just too cute together!

I love the happiness... we all had so much fun!

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  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    The little ones are so adorable! What a fun time everyone is having.
    Love, NANA