Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's still rockin' roll to me

Well, of course if you are having to get your hair shaved off, you must take a "mohawk-moment." I just felt that was the way it had to happen.

Yes, I know it is weird probably to some of you out there that I actually went to a salon to get my head shaved. Well, you know, I figured that you just have to pamper yourself in times like these. I could have sat in my bathroom or in my garage with a dirty towel wrapped around me and wondered if it was done right but I thought this was more fun for all of us. Plus, Frank, our guy at Salon Bamboo, has been doing my hair since this chemo started. So, I thought it only right for that to continue.

I had quite a support crew with me and Zane got to watch the whole thing. Frank even tried to get Zane to help with the clippers but he wouldn't even touch them. He just sat quietly in Mimi's lap and watch closely to the whole thing. (He was probably learning. I will wake up one day in a couple years and he will have shaved off all his hair!) It was funny though this morning because when I walked into his room, the first thing he pointed to was my head!




The Support Team with the punk-rock-cancer-kicker-asser!


And covered up so that I don't freak too many people out.

So I had my first hairless day today and quite frankly, I don't want to cover it up. It is uncomfortable, hot and a little bit of a pain in the ass but I know that having this baldy woman talking to some people may be distracting. Maybe I will care less in a couple of days.

Oh! And the funniest part to me... I brought up to Frank, my wonderful hair dude... "well, what do you wash a bald head with? What kind of soap?" (Come on, really, have you ever thought about it? I was thinking to myself that I would probably use my face soap because you would want to use body soap because it would be too harsh... I do have super sensitive skin) You know what he said???? SHAMPOO! He said to keep using my shampoo AND CONDITIONER because you do still have hair follicles and that is what you are taking care of. Well, I guess he is right! So, this morning I had a LOVELY shower shampooing and conditioning my BALD head! How long should I leave the conditioner in?


  1. You are freakin' awesome woman. All that and you get a mohawk first. Haven't we all wanted one of those for at least a few minutes? You're great! Can't wait to see the new 'up do' yeah, like way up, with no ponytail holder required.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Don't forget to "rinse and repeat". Massaging your head is good for your soul!
    Love Elisa

  3. You have a great head under all that hair! I love the mohawk! Check out,
    if you haven't already.

    Oh man, think of the Halloween possiblities!! You can draw on your head!

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Lookin' good, my dear! Cool to go topless, but remember to put suncreen on your head! :)

  5. Anonymous6:40 PM

    SLICK!!! Neat Mohawk too. I wonder what was going through Zane's mind while this was going on. He'll just think that Mom wanted to go funky. Now, we'll all wonder how it will grow back...Curly, Wavy, Thick, Thin; I've heard it usually doesn't grow back the way it was before, we'll see.....Love you, NANA xxoo

  6. Thanks for sharing your courageous journey with me Danielle. I feel honored.
    You are beautiful inside and out - I can't wait to see what new locks come in - hey if their curly - i can help - i do really curly well!

  7. Anonymous10:35 PM

    You are an amazing woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend! I love you!

  8. will you and paul have a contest to see who's hair grows in faster? in all seriousness, it is amazing how pretty you look without hair! who would have thunk it?

  9. you are amazing. you look beautiful! you and your adorable family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday! good vibes from the mountains!

  10. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Danielle you look beautiful! I have been thinking a lot about you and praying for nothing but good things for you! We check here frequently to see how you all are doing and LOVE the pics. Sending loads of love from Ohio...Beth & Paige