Monday, August 18, 2008

If only he were a REAL magical wizard...

This one is ESPECIALLY for you Nona!!!

The magic wand is mine of course. Zane just wanted to borrow it for some magic he needed to do right then! (I got the magic wand along with a tiara and "rose-colored" glasses from Christy when I was diagnosed. Maybe some of you got the wonderful pic of me all dressed up from Paul on his phone!)

Really, he started doing this all on his own. Today, he started saying his name at the library and this couple just smiled big and thought it was the cutest thing!


  1. Right ON, Zane! You and Sam are going to change the world!!

  2. I LOVE THIS KID!!! This should be a national ad! Yea, Barack! I wonder who taught him that. From Zane's lips to the nation's ears and from Zane's magic wand to the voters' fingers!

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    That's the Zane Man! You and your papa, while he performs his Barack Obama song, will have to get together to celebrate his election victory (the duo will only perform at the White House of course!)!!

  4. That's what I call . . .
    a "Zane we can believe in"

  5. Anonymous4:15 PM

    No Comment! Love, NANA