Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cocoa Beach & More

It has taken me too long to get these pictures up of such a fun weekend we had in Cocoa Beach with Beth & Dexter (Oct. 12-14th). We went there to go to a Le Leche Conference and had such a blast. We can't say we attended much of the conference but how could we when we went to such a FUN hotel? Who would have thought that a Holiday Inn could be so much fun? They had a pool there just for the kids (only a foot or so of water) with a couple giant pirate ships and animals for them to climb on. Zane didn't do too much exploring in that pool but Dexter sure did! They also had a giant regular pool which Zane enjoyed floating around in. We also hung out a little bit on the beach and and dined pool side. The boys even slept well because of the roaring air conditioning in our room! I think that constant noise helped.

On the drive there the kids got a little antsy so we of course stopped to feed them some lovely junk food!

Pool side...

One of the things that was so incredible was the conference had a guys come in and lead drum circles for the kids. They were so much fun and it was amazing to see his set up. He literally had a drum for every kid! And not some cheap crappy drum but a real drum! It was almost overwhelming for Zane and Dexter but they were so stunned and just watched the whole scene so intently. They had a couple during the day and one that night (video below).

One of my favorite fried foods... fried pickles! Yum!

The little ones passed out...
Everything we did would just wipe them out so much that they both took incredible naps during the day!

Why did we travel so far when bath time could have been enough entertainment for them?

Dexter as "Bucket Head!"

A little video of last week when we went out to dinner with Mimi, Papa & Grandad. Zane was laughing so hard at Mimi that the rest of us were just laughing our pants off too!
Recently Zane and I did a little shopping with Grandad and Mimi. We went to a local second hand shop in Bonita called Ditto Kiddo. Grandad put Zane up in this rig and he enjoyed it quite a bit! He loved pulling on those handles!
Zane is just all about books right now! We are reading all the time because he just goes to his basket of books and brings them to anyone who is willing...
Even in the bath tub!

Zane and his token apple on co-op day!


  1. that kiddie pool is where i broke my pinkie toe for the first time (first of many)! on one of the pirate ship slides.

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Love the blog with him laughing along with everyone else. He was really interacting. Love, NANA